Want your opinion: Terpenes


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Linalool terpene counters stress and anxiety. Limonene improves mood and Pinene for memory retention. Combining these terpenoids with a CBD-rich extract may help people with Alzheimer’s disease. Is there any truth to this? Terpenes are new to me.
I'll take stab, but this is really a question for a medical specialist. You're right about the varying effects of the terps you mentioned and combining them with a CBD rich extract could potentially help with Alzheimers symptoms. Healing or reversing the effects of Alzheimers is currently impossible as I understand it. But we are able to slow down its effects and try to prolong the enjoyment of life as much as possible. I believe your plan would help with that. I wouldnt expect a miracle cure or even substantially improving symptoms but there could be slight benefit, yes.
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