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Hi all
I'm from Washington state. I have been using cannabis since I was in high school for recreation and recently started using again in place of my anxiety/depression meds. Works great too; I just wish WA would add it to the list of legal uses and hope WA is the first state to legalize recreational use.

I am also currently going to school and write about cannabis as much as possible. In the last year of school I have written 3 papers and a speech on the subject; all of which got A grades thank you very much.

I like to vape myself; I use an Extreme-Q. The E-Q in my opinion is the best. Today I am making my first ever batch of cannabutter cookies so I guess we will see how it goes later tonight.
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Cannabis is one of the best meds available for anxiety there is unless you have a brain chemistry problem like bipolar disease. Hopefully it will be added eventually.
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Thanks - maybe next time I'll read first. lol
I didn't mean to post a link However the group I support is the New Approach Washington group. If you live in WA and don't know about it, first what is wrong with you and second look it up and help the cause.:thanks:
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