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Waterfall's review: Northridge Caregivers Inc.


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I was looking through these fourms, but the dispensary fourms are not horribly active. I was looking for one near me. I saw several listed nearby but I actually found these guys just driving down the street.
Northridge Caregivers Inc
8672 Lindley Ave
Northridge CA 91325

They are in a little strip mall, so parking is not a problem. After being buzzed in, I was given the run down on how it worked and the price board. They were very friendly and let me check out the meds. I was given some recommendations by the staff and several other patients that were also getting thier meds.
They had about 40 different kinds of meds to choose from, including many different kind of edibles.
Great experience, I will be back.


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thanks for the info, waterfall...

we lost our medical marijuana moderators, they thought they would be getting free weed and sitting around playing games all day,... then they realized this is a serious mission and we have tons of work to do, so they bailed... always the case... once we get the rest of the site finished, we will come back here and get these medical forums tweaked, promoted and moderated.

until then, please continue posting info, photos, referrals, etc.

much love and respect.
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