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Watering & feeding a young plant in a big pot


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its perlit & coco mix, i use canna coco a/b 1.2 per liter with the water PHed 5.8.

day cycle :27-28 celcius, dark cycle : 20-22 celcius.

here is the lady

I couldnt find this particular question so that i like to post it here.

my question is about the watering/feeding as its no more a seedling (i believe)

while it was a seedling i used to water it often and partially (in a small circle in the middle of 2 gallon pot)

As it has now more than 4-5 level of leaf and got bigger, shall i start to water/feed the whole 2 gallon pot? if so, do i need to make any run off?


Hi, I would water the whole pot with light feed, 15 % runoff wait till top is dry and water again when your plant gets bigger you can water everyday once the roots are there, coco has no nutes so I feed every time to runoff so there is no salt build up in the medium,
Plant looks nice
Watch out for calmag deficiencies always happens to me in coco so I always use calmag now
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