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What are Symphilids?

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Symphilids (Hanseniella ivorensis)

Small pests which look like tiny 1-2 millimeter, cream or white colored centipedes.

But unlike centipedes (harmless to plants), they destroy small roots and burrow into the larger ones, where corky patches indicate areas that these pests have gnawed.

Your plant will begin to show signs of necrosis and leaves will start to die off.
It does not take long for the whole plant to become affected with no recovery from the damage.

Symphilids are not normally found in sterilized potting mixtures. They most commonly occur when using manure or compost based mixtures which have not been sterilized.

If infestation is suspected here's a way to determine if you have them:
When you water your plant they will rise to the surface of the soil and you can plainly see them crawling on the top of the soil.

If you do find an infestation, than the soil will need to be treated with an appropriate pesticide.

From personal experience I have used Fungus Gnat Killer ( "B.T." a non chemical / biological control) in the powdered form. Sprinkle it on the surface of the soil and water it in. One application will kill most of the living larvae, but to be thorough, it is better to repeat a second application 7 days later to catch the breeding cycle.


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Symphilids is small pests that are tan to white colored and look like centipedes. They are very deadly to the plants, because they burrow down into the roots and damage them by feeding of them. Your plants leaves will begin to die off. They are found mostly in soil composites that have not been cleaned, like soil that has additives in them such as animal manure.

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I have symphilids and 420 reccomended powdered B.T. and my local grow store only has the liquid B.T., hopefully this will work. My crops are in late flowering and I have significant leaf drop, that is what made me start wondering. I thought I had a salt problem so I decided to flush them and that is when I noticed them moving around in the water in my pot. I went out and bought "Thuricide" with Bacillus Thuringiensis 'B.T.' I just watered so I did not want to water them again since I just flushed them one day earlier and did not want to over water them so I mixed some up in a spray bottle and thoroughly drenched the top of the pots just like my grow shop reccomended. I am hoping this will help until their next watering when I can do it according to the directions.


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Re: White Spider Mites?

I wonder if these are the "white spider mites" that so many members have claimed to see in their soil.

What are white spider mites? I just watered and found a bunch of tiny white things on top of the overflow water. they move around a bit on top of the water. Is this what your talking about? If so what is a way to cure it?
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