Plato420's Soil Grow - Pure Kush - BD - OG - NL - BlackJack 2011


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Hey!:yahoo: I am super stoked to be starting my first grow journal! so here we go.

My set up: I am in the process of planing to build my veg tent. Till then I will veg in the flowering tent which is a sunhut 4x4x7 with a 4' T5HO 6 bank delivering 30,000 lumen. I have 5 strains 2 from seed and the other 3 strains are clones from a local collective. I got my seeds from Nirvana, 5 fem Northern Lights, and 5 fem Blackjack. The clones are in 1gallon size pots and they are 1 pure kush, 1 blue dream, and 2 skywalker OG. This is day 6 of veg for the clones which I transplanted into Happy Frog Soil upon getting them home. Zero if any transplant stress. They are on a 24/0 photoperiod. Watered with a 1/4 solution of FoxFarm Grow Big. Then on second watering went to hydro store and picked up some General Organics Bio Root. I also watered the seedlings with a deluded Bio Root solution. I planted 6 seedlings and 5 of them came up very nicely the 6th seemed to snap its little stem some how upon poking its head through the root shooters cube. I used a heat mat with the seeds and they germinated very quickly. Day 1 soaked seeds for 24 hours in distilled water. Day two seeds were placed on paper towel and sprayed with pure distilled water and set on the heat pad. Day 3 all but one had at least a 1/4 inch tap root and planted them in very well hydrated root shooter cubes. Day 4 the first NL starts to poke through the surface followed by one of the Blackjack later in the afternoon. Day 5 all seedling have poked through the surface including the one that snapped its stem. Its still growing somehow but quite sure it will not make it. So far the temp in the grow room has fluxed from around 75 at night to around 84 or so during the day any hotter than that and I turn on the AC to bring the temp down. Its 3:00am and the temp is 79.5 with no ventilation in or out. I'm on a budget will be purchasing a can 33 filter combo which comes with a aprox 400cfm fan and 16" carbon filter and a vortex 6inch inline fan soon and hope it will help control the temp a little better when the tent is closed. Will be flowering under a 600w HPS air cooled by a vortex inline fan. I also need to get a mini dehumidifier or something to hang on the wall of the tent during flowing.

Its late and need some sleep feeling loopy, will up date with more info and pics later today.:ganjamon:
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Having a bit of an issue with resizing photos in batch. but will have my photos up here tomorrow. My Pure kush I think might be the most finicky of all the plants I have so far. I think it might have a slight Iron or magnesium deficiency. Will post picks tomorrow of seedlings and clones. Once I have my seedling in veg for a good 15-20 days with aprox 4 or more nodes I will top them to slow there growth way back and will use the cutting for clones going to a friend. Aggressively topping my plants will leave only 3 or 4 water leaves and taking the top 3 inches about a quarter inch up from 2nd or 3rd node provides for a short squat clone keeping stem size to a minimum, and will provide nice branching for the topped plant that keeps the split low to the ground. This kind of topping will take much more time to grow but is perfect for me to flower the clones and keep the others just topped in Veg for 60 days or until the clones are done with flowering. 15 - 20 days for plant to re coop from aggressive topping then veg is actually more like 40 days. Clones are showing pistols already and are starting to have a wonderful fragrance. That's all for now. I will be posting approx every other day. :420:
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Left side top and bottom is skywalker OG, Top Rights is Pure Kush, Bottom is Blue Dream.

Pure Kush

Pure Kush

Pure Kush

Blue Dream

Both Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG

On left is Northern Lights and on right is Black Jack 4-5 days old

Not sure why but this seedling in the back is still growing. Would be amazing if it makes it. You can see the green at the base of the stem that's where the leaves are and they somehow are also still growing. Very odd to me.

Both of the skywalker OG have a bit of a leaf deformation on lower water leaves but all new growth looks great. Let me know what you think! This is my first grow so is very exciting for me and the whole process is fun and I love it! I love cooking also and growing is a little like cooking for me, some of this and a little bit of that and presto change O' we got something sweet and sticky ickey or so I hope! Will post more pics soon. :popcorn:
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Im keeping a close eye on them and hope to ensure some top quality herb! The Blue Dream is my longest flowering strain out of the clones and will be for sure harvested last. First up is the Pure Kush and the Skywalker OG.

Xbox I will definitely check your blue dream journal. getting as much info as possible. ;)


they all have some nice pistols going also.
:thumb: Good work dude, id say to trim off those bottom unhealthy leaves that are touching the pot and soil. My first grow I didn't trim anything and everything about 6inches to a foot from the pot didn't yield me shit. Im also growing with a 600watt hps. Btw in my opinion mini de-humidifiers don't work for what your probably looking for. I just returned an 80$ one because I didn't notice a drop at all. Look into a 25, 50, or 70 pint.
I have stopped feeding the FFGB about a 1.5 week ago. I don't think I will be using Grow Big much longer if at all. It's very easy to burn your plants with only a little bit of this stuff. Going to switch to this line of products soon. GENERAL HYDROPONICS
All ready using the bio root.

Let me know if anyone has used this product line or heard anything good about it.

Will definitely be removing the bottom leaves but was not sure when I should do this? I was thinking right before they go to flower after transplant to 5 gal. Should I prune leaves during veg if needed and if so how do I snip it or pluck with my fingers? Also does this stunt the growth at all? Rapid growth with the PK has about 6 or 7 nice big side branches and is now 16" tall about 4" taller than the others.

I found some weird looking bug in my garden today and freaked (light brown and black spots sitting on the blue dream) approx 3mm long and grabbed a paper towel and smashed the little bugger. Hope it was nothing to be concerned about but was wondering if anyone has a good preventative maintenance for keeping bugs at bay? If you do let me know!:tokin: I am planning on using a mix of Einstein oil and sm-90. Does anyone know if SM-90 is organic? If not what is a good wetting agent to use with the neem oil other than dish soap? :hookah:
If you remove a ton of leaves at a time then yes it will stunt, but a few here and there i dont think so. I just removed about 20+ leaves of my 34" tall plant today, and imma remove some of the useless branches and leaves tomorrow too. I think you should prune a week after the transplant. That way whatever shock she goes through shes done with and the pruning wont be detrimental to growth. As for bugs, i use those yellow stuck bug traps (google it) and those keeps them gnats at bay.
You don't want to pull or pluck the leaves because sometimes it can accidently rip the outer sheath and open up a hole for rot or what not. Its best to either snip it and try to leave as little stem or use your thumb and break it at where it connects to the branch. You can do this by holding on to to the branch with your hand and bending it back and forth using your thumb depending on how willing it is to break off. As for the growth, you wont notice any stunted growth. You'd only notice it look weak if you trimmed off a very large amount of the leaves and branches. Im currently using the technique called "lollypopping" where you trim of all branches and such about a foot up the stalk. This makes the plant concentrate all its energy on the upper buds. Right before you put them into flowering sounds like a great time to trim.
Hey thanks for all the input! This being my first grow and all is nice to have a support group! Anyway here are a few photos of some issues with the plants. I found some powdery mildew and have been spraying them an all natural mildew cure. This is day 4 of applying the mildew cure and has almost taken care of the issue. However I'm not sure what I need to do to get my plants back to 100% health.
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