First Feminized BlackJack Soil Grow


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MOTHER- Black Diamond/FATHER- Jack Horror
400-500g/m2 yield — Average Height
9-11 Week Flowering Period
THC Level- 19%-26%
1-150W Hydro Farm CFL
Fox Farm Ocean soil/Fox Farm nutrients
2 supplemental fans for air circulation/branch stability
CO2 Generator changed every 10 days

3-28-13- Germinated three blackjack feminized seeds from Nirvana Seed Bank using paper towel method.
3-31-13- All three seeds germinated. Planted all three in red solo cups filled with moist Fox Farm Ocean Soil. The light is about 1" from soil.
4-1-13- Watered until drainage appeared.
4-3-13- Watered until drainage appeared.
4-4-13- BJ #2 & BJ #3 have sprouted breaking ground. Both are near ¼" tall already. 78.3F/36% humidity.
4-5-13- Watered until drainage appeared. BJ #2 & #3 are growing strong and green. BJ #1 has died. I should have left it to germinate at least one more day. The tail was a bit smaller than the other two at time of planting. Live and Learn. 77.8F/36% Humidity.
4-7-13- Watered until drainage appeared. 78.1F/35% Humidity.
4-9-13- Watered until drainage appeared. Both plants are looking strong and healthy. Growing quickly. I introduced a CO2 Generator into the grow room. The feed for the Co2 runs to the back of a supplemental fan which blows directly above/onto the plants. I am having to introduce CO2 because there is no option of bringing fresh air into the grow tent. 77.4F/28% Humidity. (PICTURES TAKEN)
4-11-13- Watered until drainage appeared. Connected a 240 CFM exhaust fan to remove stale air. This exhaust fan is to powerful and temperature drops are significant (7-10 degrees). I'm going to use a 6"-2 speed clip fan to pull air out of room. CO2 generator is running strong, its producing several air bubbles every 5-7 seconds. 72.9F/34% Humidity.
4-13-13- Watered until drainage appeared. Both plants are going strong and growing thick green leaves! 78.1F/41% Humidity. (PICTURES TAKEN)
I got 20 seeds from Highgrade last year. They were supposed to be AK/ Brainwreck. Its taken about 10 months to realize that the quality of these seeds were just not what they were suppose to be. They weren't cheap, but not super expensive. I guess you can never tell. But I just want to put it out there that these were def not even in the same ballpark as what they should have been. And i'm being kind. Shwag seeds would have done better for me. I just don't know how to make sure you're getting what you paid for.
Im sorry to hear that mate. I got this batch of seeds from Nirvana seed shop in the netherlands and they are amazing! Maybe give Nirvana a try! :Namaste:
yeah thanks mate. Yeah I just just ordered a 150w HPS for my tent that comes with a wide color spectrum which allows me to not have to change the bulbs throughout. They are growing quick. Its exciting! I will post more pictures the beginning of next week. Im going to the first ever High Times Cannabis Cup in America, here in Denver Colorado this weekend so hopefully I get gain a bit more information as well! Good luck with your grow! Whats your set up look like?:Namaste:
I have posted some pictures of this grow in my profile. I am not sure exactly how to get them into my journal here. I will keep looking though! Everything is going well and thus far I am happy with the results. I installed a 200W HPS and the difference is amazing from that of the 150 CFL.
4-15-13- Watered until drainage appeared. Growing rapidly and healthy. Just ordered a 150W HPS light , ratchet system and two more fans that should arrive no later than the 4-22. 78.1F/39%
4-17-13- Watered until drainage appeared. Raised the light. This is the first watering using the fox farm big bloom at one quarter strength. 74.6/35%
4-19-13- Watered until drainage appeared with plain, unfertilized water. 77.4/37%
4-21-13- Watered until drainage appeared with fertilized water. Growth is strong. HPS light arrived and I have installed it along with circulation fans. Co2 generator is still going strong. 78.7/38%
4-23-13- Watered with fertilizer water until drainage appeared. 76.4/35%
4-26-13- Watered with unfertilized water until drainage appeared. I replaced the CO2 Generator. Growth is becoming more noticeable day to day. 77.2/37%
4-28-13- Watered with fertilized water until drainage appeared. Growth vertically as well as width is becoming more rapid. The HPS light has had a great effect on growth. I wish I would have had this light from germination. Lesson learned. 76.1/41%
4-30-13- Woke up this morning and the plants were really drooping. I watered them immediately with unfertilized water. I watered more than usual. I decided to go ahead and transplant them into the larger pots as they were outgrowing the seedling cups. Transplant went well. I watered the newly transplanted plants and hope that growth continues as strong as the last week!!
5-1-13- Watered with fertilized water. I introduced Grow Big (1tbsp/gal) into the fertilizer as well as upping the big bloom to 3tbsp/gal. I used about half a gallon to water both plants as I wanted to make sure the roots got plenty of water in their new pots. They seem to be adapting well. Some leaves at the bottom have turned a bit yellow, I assume from not getting enough light in the red cups. 71.8/32%
5-4-13- Watered with unfertilized water about 32oz each. 72.9/39%
5-7-13- Watered with fertilized water about 50oz each. I raised the light a couple inches. Plants are 9” tall at this time. 74.0/40%
ok thanks. thats what i was thinking. so from what i have been reading, dont prune unless the leaves are dead or are blocking a major bud site?
ok thanks. thats what i was thinking. so from what i have been reading, dont prune unless the leaves are dead or are blocking a major bud site?

with your high pressure sodium light you should have enough coverage to reach the bottom of your plants. correct. there are several people on this forum that commonly remove lower fan leaves and leaves that are shading bud sites around day 20-25.
5-9-13- watered with about 50 oz. of unfertilized water until drainage appeared. Humidity is beginning to rise, most notably in the morning after the lights come back on. The humidity has been as high as 53%. Temperature is steady, staying between 73-79. Current conditions are 77.9/46%
5-12-13- watered with about 40oz. of fertilized water (BB-6tsp/gal. GB-3tsp/gal.) Both plants are about 12.5 inches tall and beginning to get rather bushy. New CO2 generator installed as well as a stronger fan for exhaust. Plants are beginning to smell and its delicious! 78.9/43%

5-14-13- watered with unfertilized water until drainage appeared. Plants have both showed their sex (F). Both plants are near 13" in height. BJ #2 is tall and thin while BJ#3 is shorter and more robust. I will switch to a 12/12 flowering schedule when they plants reach 16"-18". 78.1/44%
5-17-13- watered with fertilized water (BB-6tsp GB-3tsp/Gal) until drainage appeared. 77.1/49%
5-20-13- watered with fertilized water (3-BB/2-GB/2-TB/gal) until drainage appeared. Plants are now on 12/12 flowering cycle. New CO2 Generator. 74.3/40%
5-22-13- Watered with unfertilized water until drainage appeared. Plants are now 17" and 18" Tall. I pruned some of the semi-dead leaves towards the bottom of the plant. I added a 60W CFL in between the two plants for supplemental lighting towards the bottom of the plants. 72/50%
5-25-13- Watered with fertilized water (3-BB/2-TB/Gal) until drainage appeared. Nearly 1 gallon between the two plants. 77.2/52%
5-26-13- I moved the light up. Plants are now 19" and 21" tall. Bud sights are becoming more prevalent. New CO2 Generator installed. Temperature and humidity are staying rather stable throughout the day and night. Pictures Taken.
5-29-13- watered with unfertilized water until drainage appeared. Bud sights are becoming more prevalent. Plants are 24" and 21" tall. 76/50%
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