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Mr Stinky's Soil - BlackJack F - T5's - Closet - First Grow

Mr Stinky

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Welcome to my first grow operation. Ill be your grower for the next couple weeks. Here's some info:thumb:

What strain is it?
Black Jack (f)
3 Seeds

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
Hybrid 50/50

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
Currently just started germinating. Paper towel method

Indoor or outdoor?
Indoor. Inside my closet.
2 ft 6 in Long
2 ft Wide
6 ft 6 in High
Air tightish (ventilation)
Mylar as reflective material

Soil or Hydro?

If soil... what is in your mix?
As of now Fox Farms ocean floor. But I hear that's too strong for
younger plants so im thinking about finding something with less
nutrients. Any ideas?

Size of light?
One 2ft, 4tube T5 (3 blue 24watt flos, 1 red 24 watt flo)
One 1ft 2tube T5 (1 blue 24watt flo, 1 red 24 watt flo)

Is it aircooled?
1 single fan sitting on top of the light circulates air

Temp of Room/cab?
O Day/Lights on- High 78 F
O Night/Lights off- Low 68-70 F

RH of Room/cab? (guessing this is room humidity)
Stays around 20% or a lil lower
Hoping it goes up with the lights being on. Also about to turn spring and its gets kinda humid around my area.

PH of media or res?
Trying to keep ph around 6.5

Any Pests ?
I HOPE NOT :yikes:

Type and strength of ferts used?
Fox Farm
O Big Grow-For veg
O Tiger Bloom- For flower
O Big Bloom-For veg (I think not to sure)

Ill be sure to add pictures here soon of my grow space and of the lil buggers when the sprout.

Mr Stinky

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re: Mr Stinky's Soil - BlackJack F - T5's - Closet - First Grow

Guna throw some pictures on here soon of the grow room so all you guys can see for yourselfs. Im also getting a few more supplies today. I need to find some pots to start off with. Any ideas? Big, small, round, square? Im also looking for some soil today. I heard foxfarms ocean floor can give nutrient burn to younger plants, so if you have any suggestions feel free to say something please. All advice is helpful.

Happy Smoking!:peace:

Mr Stinky

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I know this is not the most professional job but its my first and I hope it does well. Any insights from anyone?

Looking in through front (about right in the middle of the wall)

Top to bottom view

Outside front door facing in

So my buddy was having trouble with one of his plants and he let me have it hoping maybe I could fix it. Its a white rhino plant. Any ideas whats really wrong with it?

Hope this gives you guys an idea of what im working with. I just picked up some Fox Farm Big Bloom soil mix for my new seedlings. As for the white rhino, hes in Fox Farms ocean farm mix, and I believe his ph is around 6.5-6.8. I have to find a more high tech ph reader then what I got. So any ideas of what I should do to the white rhino. I think hes overwatered and might have nutrient burn
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