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What do you use? Tents, LED


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I'm planning my second grow, and am looking to purchase the material that I need.
As of now, I am growing with CFL and I am looking to upgrade.
I've done some research, as well as looking at others grow guides. Very nice grows.

I'm wanting to purchase a grow tent, I'm thinking a 4x4.
I've seen some very nice grows with an LED.
I'm thinking a 300 or 325 watt LED? Isn't it equivalent to 1000 watt HID?

Possibly be able to have 8-10 plants, so I don't think I will need a filter...???? I do want to start
a grow journal once I get all the supplies. I'm just curious to what you all use and what my best
options are.

I even pondered between hydro and soil.

Let me know what you all have done and recommend :peace:


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LED's can be better, but I hear they have a small learning curve to use them. 4' x 4' is a solid tent. With 8 plants it will stink at some point, probably get a carbon filter if needed. I'm using soilless medium right now, soil has more tendencies to get bugs sometimes, just my opinion. Make sure your ventilation is well planned too.


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read user's grow journals, take note of the original post as it will give a full breakdown of the equipment used on that particular grow.

decide from there which grows you most like the look of, and copy them :peace:


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Thanks for the responses.

I am in week 5 of flowering swiss cheese and a couple sativas that are unknown. All together 6 plants and barely enough smell to notice.
That's why I am hesitant to a carbon filter, not sure if it will be a waste.

Do any of you use LED?


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what are your recommendations for a 4x4 tent? should i just go with hid? I know its by preference but just asking for advice. I'd like a led equivalent to 1000 watt


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the PlatinumLED P450 is a direct replacement for a 600w HPS, in fact, it is better, and I say that as an ex-600w HPS slag. the P300 replaces a 400w HPS, so my setup is a 1,000w HPS equivalent, but only draws 459w in full flower mode :peace:


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my two units are running in different rooms atm as I am trying to get some autos up quickly to replenish my store, but they will be running together again in my 2.5 x 2.5 flower tent in a few weeks :peace:

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A led panel to match a 1000w hps will be very expensive, like a couple of thousand $ or £... so it would really depend on how much you willing to invest on your next grow ?

The cheaper option is 600w / 1000w hps in the beginning set up cost & would be inclined to use an air cooled hood/reflector with em to keep temps down !

Cost of electric aka the monthly bill etc, a 1000w is 1kw in electric units which is charged per unit/kw used, so if you know cost of unit of electric you can work out how much it is going to cost to grow per day & total length of flowering time ! (soon adds up with 1000w hps)

So in theory shorter flowering strains are cost productive to longer flowering strains, just something to think about ?

8 to 10 plants ah ?

Might suggest looking at strains and what size they may grow to ?

You may well run into over crowded conditions which are medium to large size strains...

Also stretch factor, like running out of head room & suitable distance between bulb etc... some more things to ponder over ?

Fuzzy Duck

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my lights match a 1,000w HPS and cost £600, not $thousands :peace:

MMM P450 P450 :: Platinum Grow Lights $539

P300 https://platinumgrowlights.com/products/p300 $369

In less you got a very good discount ?

But ye both lights are said to match a 1000w (combined together) but the proof is in the pudding my ol china :green_heart:

But real fact is based upon a side by side grow of same strain or strains under 1000w hps & said led panels to prove results & at least a few times/grows under such methods !

I don't have the wool pulled over my eyes that easy :Namaste:


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yeah, $1,000 dollars, but £600 in real money.

I'm an ex 600w HPS grower, so I can confirm the P450 replaces it, easily, look at my journal for a side by side comparison, albeit for just 14 days :)

I can see already that I am going to yield more, whilst drawing 350w less than with HPS, the lights pay for themselves in electricity savings alone in 24 months :peace:


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I'd stick with buying from sponsors. Much better personalized service, and they actually have experience with the products they sell and can offer you continued support.

Ask Amazon how many Cannabis plants you can grow under those lights. They'll be completely fucking clueless.
No support and no customer service = I spend my money elsewhere.

I buy from Sponsors: Sponsors : 420 MAGAZINE ® (Plus they're all really really nice folks to talk to, and understand the needs of Cannabis plants, and Cannabis growers)


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yeah, as above, grab something from a site sponsor; check out a few grow journals, then go for the light from the journal that you feel worked the best, and don't be afraid to ask any questions - the only stupid question is the one you don't ask ;)
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