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Whats wrong with my plants?


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So both of these plants are The Prez(Blackberry Kush x Chocolate Kush). I was skeptical at first about the orange hairs already protruding from the pistils, but I was sweet talked into not worrying about it. I brought these home a couple weeks ago and one of them has barely made any kind of growth. She has been properly watered and hasn't perked up nor drooped lower. It as if she is in shock and is refusing to grow. The other one has obviously grown, but is like her sister and very droopy. Both of these plants have never been up and "awake" like my other four. It hasn't been too hot nor too cold, high 80's since I got them.


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Yes it looks like they have depleted everything in the soil and look a bit over watered so I think Relaxed got ya covered just pot her up to a big pot with some fresh goodies for the girl in it and they will be fine.....:circle-of-love:
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