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White Widow

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Plant of The Month: 2012 - Creme de la Creme Photos: Dec 2016, June 2017
Strain Name - White Widow
From - Dutch Passion (Attitude)
When - 2/8/11
Type - Indica, Sativa, (Brazilan x India)
media/nutes - soil, CRF's
light - 600w HPS
Appearance - very stretchy, long space between nodes with tiny buds
Smell - smelt like a locker room or BO
Taste - smooth
Type of Buzz - very cerebral and spacey
Length of Buzz -2+ hours
Best Medicinal Use - anxiety, tension
Overall - the White Widow is the closest quality to the supposedly California medical grade stuff that has been around here lately. Very nice high. grade A.
Everybody I turn on to it wants some, but it yielded the least. Sorry to tell them head stash only
Got off to a late start and had to share a pot with Kandy Kush. We did LST and it did fine.

Young plant on the left

Mature plant


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Plant of The Month: 2012 - Creme de la Creme Photos: Dec 2016, June 2017
This is a clone from the above plant just harvested.
It was topped several times to keep it in stretching to much. We had to weave about 10 branches into a scrog to hold her up.
3 months veg time and about 10 wks flowering.

People lucky enough to have smoked some said it's the best they have smoked in a long time.



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DP's white widow is one of my favorite strain. Med. yielder and the taste is not so great but the high is a nice potent mix of sativa and indica. 60/40 other breeders of ww give you more indica and it's not the same. That's why i like dutch passions.

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Plant of The Month: 2012 - Creme de la Creme Photos: Dec 2016, June 2017

I have a White Label White Widow for a future grow, not sure when I will get to use it.

I liked the DP a lot too, but figured I'd give another breeder a try, since the DP WW started out soooo slow.

I have been blending the WW with the other strains I grew when I twist one up, and can see why they include it in so many strain crosses.

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Plant of The Month: 2012 - Creme de la Creme Photos: Dec 2016, June 2017
White Widow clone a winner

Here are few pics of the dried bud.

Not powdered sugar frosted as some white widow pics i see on line, but I bet it sure is up there in quality with them. It has been drying about 4 weeks and seems to be getting stronger high and more tasty. Sort of smells like fruit cocktail that has been in the fridge maybe a week to long. Not rotten, but getting there. Taste is smooth and a touch fruity like the smell. It breaks up nice and rolls nice.

It was a strange plant that it looked like an oregano plant with the rounded end small leaves you still can see in the photo. All the big leaves were normal, but the single leaves all had a rounded look. The mother grew the same way. But I took a clone of this plant gave it to someone, and theirs has normal mj leaf appearance even the small ones. Go figure.

I would definitely like to grow this strain again.



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Plant of The Month: 2012 - Creme de la Creme Photos: Dec 2016, June 2017
Well, I didn't cross anything with it while growing.
I make mixes from other strains I grew the last two grows.
I grew Northern Light, then Papaya, Super Skunk, Vanilla Kush, Kandy Kush and White Widow.


top row Vanilla Kush, SuperSkunk, Papaya bottom Kandy Kush and Northern Light

I twisted one up last week of WhiteWidow x VanillaKush x a little dash of each Papaya and Super Skunk that was VERY strong.

WW and NL is real good as is WW and VK, and WW and KK.

I have mixed many different ones over the past few weeks, and if I add NL or WW to it, it usually turns out good.


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These White Widow buds are fully covered with crystal type of long orange hairs and frosted with trichomes that give a sugared look. This strain is one of the most powerful varieties of cannabis with very high potent. You can taste a tinge of skunky lemon when it is fresh.


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I'd like to cross a good variety of Northern Lights with a good real haze to cut it's 24-36 week flowering period down some. But only if it would retain all that sativa goodness, lol.


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Neville Haze is 80% original haze and 20% northern lights. Check breeders to make sure they use pure haze and nl #5 or#10 which are the best.


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Plant of The Month: 2012 - Creme de la Creme Photos: Dec 2016, June 2017
TheRealTreJay, those are some real nice looking buds you got there.

What seed breeder? Mine was Dutch Passion. Just tried to start a White Label WW and for 10 days no sprout.
You can see mine are totally different looking. Not as hairy,

Second gen clone; Nice stone. One of the best I have smoked in many years. Very nice and relaxing , long lasting. Good pain reliever. Not as frosty as pics I see like yours, but very nice buds that break up great for rolling. Smells like fruit cake, smooth taste. And the clone from is even better than the mom was.

I just got two clones back from a guy I gave a few to. He cloned the clones, so I now have 4th gen WW clones.

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Plant of The Month: 2012 - Creme de la Creme Photos: Dec 2016, June 2017
i wish I had more space so I could keep a nice size mom going.

And I really don't need a mom with dozens of clones. I can only have 4 or 5 plants in the flower room. So I think for now I am going to get clones ready, then clone from them before I send them off to the flower room. Jorge's book says he knows of people cloning 20 gens with no problem.

Also have some Querkle pollen i am going to use on the first set of WW clones.

I currently have Afrodite, AK47, and Cream Carmel I pollinated with the Querkle stud 2 weeks ago. Apparently I did a sloppy job. I tried to do one stem on each plant, but today I see signs of seeds on a lot of branches. At least I'll have lots of seeds to experiment with.

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Plant of The Month: 2012 - Creme de la Creme Photos: Dec 2016, June 2017
LI, what breeder you order WW?

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Plant of The Month: 2012 - Creme de la Creme Photos: Dec 2016, June 2017
Well I have started some 4th generation White Widow clones.

I took clones from the plant started Feb in post #1. Grew one out which stated earlier was some of the best smoke around. The other one I gave to a friend. He has since cloned that (2nd gen), then again, and gave 2 (3rd gen) back to me.

they were over a foot tall, but had thrips, ugh. I left them isolated in the garage for 2 weeks. They actually survived with minimal light, were in a paper shopping bag, in a box with a white plastic bag over them. They actually started to show hairs from lack of light.
I sprayed, picked off any leaf that had anything at all suspicious, but still saw signs of them. Just as a back up I cloned them (4th gen) four of them and inspected them with a good loupe and sprayed them also. Seventeen days later I have what appear to be thrip free clones. Only 2 are showing roots so far. So I potted them.

and here they are;







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Yup, I've used that same Rotisserie chumpy too and others... like these, no need to go spending cash on things when the world is cluttered with "Freecycibles" :peace:

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Plant of The Month: 2012 - Creme de la Creme Photos: Dec 2016, June 2017
well 3 out of the 4 clones survived

2 of the clones were healthy and one so so.

I planted the healthy ones in a 4gl each. When the other clone finally took off I put in in with the smaller of the clones.

I am comparing using OC+ and a liquid nute. The OC+ is a healthy lush green, and the other is also healthy, but a little paler. 8 weeks flowering and starting to cloud up a little.

So far fast dry test buds from both plants are so good I might only get to see if there is any difference in taste.

This is 4th generation clone of White Widow that I think is the best weed I have smoked this century.

Well these test buds are even better. 2 hits last a very long long time and keeps a high level of buzz. I had actually written the original WW off for dead when it was a seedling, but all of a sudden she took off.
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