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Worm Castings for plants


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Worm castings are the very best natural organic soil that I have found to grow plants it. They are expensive, it is best to start your own worm bin. If you are in San Diego there are several worm ranchers that can get you started making your own Potting Soil!!
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Never heard of worm casting soil? I know people amend their soil with castings but sounds like you mean a all casting soil.

I personally like Barefoot Soil (actually worm castings) because they have castings and worm cacoons in them.

Worm bins are fun and easy to make.

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I go to a nursery where the lady there is quite a pretty lady. shes kinda touchy feely maybe about 55 or so. anyway she first told me about worm castings a few years ago and of course i bought some and anything else she tryed to sell me.back to the point.I love worm castings as a supplement and I love going there when I know what I want.:ciao:


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I've got to start making my own soil blends and adding all the good stuff but like you said adding stuff is quite expensive for what it is. The Fox Farm stuff is good for bag soil but not totally there for the results I am looking for. This last grow I was using Fox Farm Happy Frog right out of the bag and it gave my plants these black spots on the leaves. Never seen that before.

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#1 Ithink you would kill them with any inyroduction of fertiliser. #2 there would never enough food to make it viable for more than 1 pending on size of pot:439:
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