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Would you reccommend CFLs or LEDs for small box grow?


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A week ago I was intent on using LED's, but after reading an article on CFL's for cultivation I can't decide!

Is spending the few hundreds of dollars on an LED panel worth it over CFL's?
It's only going to be 2 or 3 plants at a time.

If I do break the bank for the LEDs, will it produce higher yields/better buds than the CFL's?


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Break what bank? If you used a nice amount of CFLs (a dozen or more), plus the cost of wiring, fixtures, splitters, you've already spent what is needed on an LED. They start at about $100 USD for a quality grow light.

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CFLs for growing are fine, but an LED with almost double the output as CFLs will use half the power.

You'll also want to consider the size of your growing area, and the height available to you. That will also factor into your decision.


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Antics is right, how high is your growing space?
Being an LED grower I must suggest LED lights, they are the future and are not as expensive as they used to be.
Check this thread out TOPLED GROW LIGHTS

That's how I made my decision. Hope it helps mate


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how big is the cfl?? doesn't really matter Ima caveman with my hps and Id tell you to get a led

I have a znet9,that I loaned out as soon as it got here,My friend who is using it,loves it.somehow I think I will be getting a second one,at HIS cost.
cfl for seedlings is as far as I go with them.


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CFL i think are good for seeds,clone and keeping mother.i try it in the pass to grow and makes a big difference on plants/branches size. .I dont know about led never use it,but if other said it worked good for them for grow/flowering might be good to give it a try.


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Hello and welcome to 420 Mag my friend.

Good answers all around. As mentioned above cfls are amazing for veg growth, they promote healthy new growth, multiple shoots and short internodal distance. Make sure you purchase your CFL for Veg in the 6500K (Kelvin), and 2700K for flowering phase of growth.
Now with LED's, not a good choice for seedlings and young clones. The intensity will kill your young plants trying to start a root system and what not. You may start with CFL and then move to LED after the plants have established themselves. But it will cost more for both systems. Then, again using LED for the flowering phase will give you better yields IMO.
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