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I need help I recently bought a grow box from what I think is a reputable grow box maker, I selected the standard box with 1 fan, 2 carbon filters, gloss white, it came with CFL but I selected the 150w led upgrade but after I bought it, I found out they use a grow pro 150w led but when I research if I cannot find any info on it except on Amazon and it says no longer available here are the specs of the light GROW PRO 50x3w 660nm red, 5 3w bridgelux 455nm blue 5 3watt Orange and it says it has over 1200 par reading from 10cm I could have selected a 300w CFL upgrade for cheaper but wanted to keep temp down etc please tell me I didn't get shafted ordering this box! I don't have enough for a new light nor do I have the skill to make my own led rails any help is appreciated
Don't know what you paid but why would you think you got shafted. The light sounds ok to me. It will probably draw an actual 90-100W from the wall and Bridgelux makes good LED's. Looks like the LED could cover a bit more light spectrum but I think you will be in fine shape my man!
Because when I researched it, it said the light was discontinued, and no longer avaliable, but if you think it's ok I will trust the advice on this site he said it was actually a 150w equivalent to 400w
50X3W Led's = 150W gross. But remember that no led maker drives each led to their limit. You have a 150w led that will only use 100w of power net. That is perfectly normal and preferable for reliabillity. I think you did just fine man. You post pics on your mobile by clicking the little arrow pointing upward to the side of the message your typing. Then select the photo you want from your phone. I know because Im doing it now lol.

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