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Aaron Quix

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Yocan Evolve Vaporizer Pen
From Yocantech

This thing is slick! Value is a measure of the amount of quality per dollar spent on a product, and the Evolve Pen from Yocantech is SUPERB value! I couldn't be happier with this unit, its performance and price point. Evolve delivers a higher level attention to detail with regard to functionality.

Aside from the obvious weight and feel of quality, Yocan put dual quartz coils in the Evolve pen which lends to a clean, pure flavor and rich hits. Many pens on the market provide a less than optimal coil system with little or no way to prevent oil leakage, both from the coil to the inside of the unit, and from the inside to the outside of the unit including the mouth piece. The Evolve Pen features a genius little coil cap to reduce the secretion of oils and melted waxes, which saves the user from the hassle of mess and wasted material and money. The cap also diffuses the airflow in such a way that heat transfer from the coils to the mouth piece is greatly reduced, making longer sessions between friends a ton easier. A 650 mAh battery provides plenty of power to last me 2-4 days depending on frequency of use, and the capacity of the coil bowl easily holds 0.1-0.25 grams of wax. I prefer to keep the load smaller for ease of cleaning and to prevent melting of material toward the threads. Yocan's Evolve pen is sturdy, not cheap feeling like other pens, and with a 10 second safety shut-off feature, this thing is a lot less likely to get hot in your pocket with an accidental push of the button, even if you forget to lock the battery down with five presses.

I love this pen and it now stays with me wherever I go, but I'd like to point out that my favorite feature is the price. I've yet to find a single wax pen that works worth a damn for under $50.00, and this thing rocks at under $30.00 with shipping included.

As is the case with any pen, the quality of material one chooses to put in their device will greatly affect the end result. Quality in, quality out so be sure to use clean, VOC free extracts made from organic raw material for the best results.





Review By: Aaron Quix
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Never been a big fan of Yocan products, have you ever tried Seego brand?
I'll never use anything but Yocan again. There simply is no other product on the market at this price, with this level of quality.
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