The Kind Pen's Dream: 420 Magazine Review By Doc Bud

As we all know, personal vaporizing pens are changing and getting better every other week. At least it seems that way to me. Certainly the Dream by The Kind Pen is leading the way as far as I'm concerned. Here's exactly what the 99.99 dollar price tag from the manufacturer's website gets you:

  • Touch Sensor 1500 mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  • Temperature Controlled (350°, 390°, 430° )
  • High Grade Glossy Black Paint Finish
  • Glass Mouthpiece with AirFlow Control
  • Deep Ceramic Chamber
  • Dual Quartz Rods / Titanium Coil
  • Coilless Chamber with Ceramic Dish (Zero Combustion)
  • Elevated Air Flow System (No clogging or leaking)
  • 10 Second Auto-Shutoff (Safety Feature)
  • 510 Threaded
  • Universal Micro USB Charging Port
In addition to the above, also included is a spare glass mouthpiece, spare O-rings, a concentrate tool and a retractable USB charger. The box is also very nice and something I will definitely save and use to store the vape.

So, what's so great about this pen? Well for starters, it hits smoother and cleaner than any other pen I've used, especially with the Zero Combustion Ceramic Dish chamber in use. One of the reasons is the massive amount of airflow that is fully adjustable by turning a ring atop the battery. It draws far better than other pens I've used.

The Combustion free Ceramic Chamber made for a slightly more mild and somewhat less vaporous hit than with the Dual Quartz Coil, but the flavor was also better than with the quartz atomizer. The Dual Quartz atomizer produced massive, billowing clouds of vapor and also the typical coughing spasm I get with a really large pen hit. It's very powerful and gets the job done! However, I personally prefer the more civilized ceramic dish atomizer, and so did the "rookie" vape pen users I had help me with the testing. But if you need a fast, massive change of attitude, the Dual Quartz coil definitely won't let you down.

As if what I've mentioned so far isn't enough, the large, 1500 mAh battery is also super cool because it utilizes a touch sensor on the bottom of the battery to turn it on and off. The typical five taps turns it on, and there are various LED's that inform the user what mode the pen is in.

However, there's another feature that really puts this pen over the top. You can select different temperatures for your vaping needs - 350, 390 and 430 degrees F. What a great pen!

Lastly, the chamber is of ample size making it possible for a large amount of concentrated wax and oil to be loaded, greatly easing the amount of effort required to use the pen repeatedly. The glass mouthpiece is also thoughtfully designed, with a beveled interior that decreases the chance of getting concentrate on the teeth when using the powerful dual quartz coil.

Finally, there are many colors and patterns to choose from.

Of course, by far the most significant and amazing feature of this pen, as with all of The Kind Pen's products is the Lifetime Warranty. Every single part of the pen, and the whole pen itself, has a Lifetime Warranty. This pen will never grow old or wear out! I don't know how they do this, but the value of such a warranty should be evident to all. This is unheard of folks!

It does take some getting used to having the button on the bottom of the battery, but the excellent construction, fantastic flow, clean flavor and Lifetime Warranty far outweigh having to learn a new way of working the pen.

420 Magazine Review By: Doc Bud, Product Reviewer
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