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    Hi copperrein, my names ReservoirDog and it is very nice to meet you.

    I'm really digging your thread skills and blown away by all of your other skills. Aegis, huh? Bad. Ass. I'm Canadian, we don't have such opportunities or obligations. We are very grateful to our brothers and sisters who...
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    Hey brotha, what did you do about this situation here... can you please take the time to read this and respond to me ASAP... I'm freaking out over here brotha...😫😬🤬 😅 Idk if it's boron deficiency or nutrient burn... I can't seem to figure it out.. I did try to flush but it seemed to make it...
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    looks very very very very nice :D
    Thank you and thank you again for these amazing seeds and strains to showcase @CannaPot!
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    looks very very very very nice :D
  • OG KUSH Nug - 2

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