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    In The Lab With Doc Bud

    Nobody caught this? Aren't you in seedling stage? Why are you using flowering lighting times when you should be Pushing vegatative growth? 18-6 or 20-4 lights for now.
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    Bud Washing

    The last two posts are perfect examples of what makes this place so powerful. Great conversation BrixKlinger and CoNerd!!! Reps to both of you for positive contributions. Also my thanks.
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    C526 & Dutty Panty Are Gonna Take On The Pestilence

    Interesting conversation and Doc Bud is a regular visitor this is a slam dunk of a sub! Good luck folks!
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    DocBud's HiBrix Blend - OPP x 2 - 20 Gallon

    Re: Curso Plays with 2 PlatinumLED P450s & DocBud's HiBrix Blend - OPP x 2 - 20 Gallo Subbed buddy. I don't want to miss anything.
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    HSO Lost Coast Hashplant - One Plant 2 Lights One Love

    Curso I just finished 60 pages of the previous journal and then the 49 here and I think I'm caught up. Thanks for all the wonderful info. I love over sharing info on the best practices for this plant and it's because of guys like you and Doc!
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    Medical ramifications from Colorado legal pot

    We just relocated to a non mmj state from one that supports medical use. My son who lived in Denver was on fistfuls of prescription pills for back pain. I talked him into quitting prescribed narcotics and ingesting only medicinal use marijuana. In my opinon the side effects from the pills were...
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    Curso's True High Brix! Featuring DocBud's True High Brix Kit

    Then in your quest for knowledge it must implore you to read THESE 197 pages. Then you will go read Docs couple hundred pages. A which point your wife will inquire where the hell you've been etc. however the knowledge gained will be worth it and maybe just maybe life changing for you or yours...
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    Bud Washing

    You don't have to convince me Doc I am already a convert. In fact I sing it's virtues from coast to coast and love it when the people I'm telling about the wash eyes bug out of their head in disbelief. Then we fire up a bowl and they get it! I thank you for all of the groundbreaking work you are...
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    Bud Washing

    Hi Doc, Back again after an absence. It seems that some people are confusing your bud wash with water curing. It could not be be any farther apart from my experience. A four tub wash and then immediate drying isn't at all the same as submerging your buds under water for up to 10 days and then...
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    The Cannabis Kitchen - Cooking With Cannabis

    In my experience the first time a person takes an edible there is very little effect if any. It is almost as if when the substance is introduced to the body the body has to first figure out how to metabolize the new toxin. I also believe that weight must be taken in to account with dosage the...
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    Yooper Rex - Growing In 4 Part Harmony - In Da Dirt With Cogo's

    Hey Yooper I noticed two little lights on your power strip that may interfere with your dark period. Probably not a big deal in veg but I would put tape on them nonetheless.
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    The Cannabis Kitchen - Cooking With Cannabis

    I believe if you try De carbing prior to cooking and adding Lecithin you may prove that no one is immune to properly prepared magic!
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    Posted in wrong spot at first - Just Freaking out!

    Best thing to do at this point is relax. All that could have been done is. If you were supposed to get that job you will. Have a drink and chill. Positive thoughts never hurt so jut keep telling yourself all is good. Best of luck.
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    Yooper Rex - Growing In 4 Part Harmony - In Da Dirt With Cogo's

    My wife will qualify me as a grouchy curmudgeon. I'll be right over.
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    Yooper Rex - Growing In 4 Part Harmony - In Da Dirt With Cogo's

    Hey I am offended that I can't be a curmudgeon unless I'm over 50. I think that's sexism or racism or something. Dang it where is that HR around here when you need them? Lol. Oh and reps for the offer buddy, thanks anyways but I'm a tad too young.
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