1. S

    Any hope for this little girl?

    Noob here. Growing under a viparspectra 450 at 40". 65-70% humidity, 77°, no night drop in temp., good ventilation. It was started in a 5 gal fabric grow bag but could not get it to dry out fast enough. Moved to a 1 qt container. The black gold soil and miracle grow perlite both had nutrients in...
  2. M

    UBC Chemo

    Has anyone grown ubc chemo??? I started 4 seeds one didn't make it and the other three are just finishing up week one of flower after 5 weeks veg I'm in a 4x4 tent with Mars hydro 1200 w light plants are really flexible and heavy feeders I can't find much on this strain and just wondered if...
  3. N

    Help identifying possible spider mites

    First Ill say this is my first year growing and its outside. I decided the first year I tried planting them in different containers and sunlight levels to personally see differences that the different produce. This way I can have a much more efficient plan for next summer. I've been keeping...
  4. NuttyProfessor

    Motor Neurone Disease?

    Has any one been able to get some results . ive never heard of this but have a friend who has it and im trying to help her, can our beloved plant help in any way at all ? thanks :thumb:
  5. T

    First time grower question

    Hi Guys, New here, just have a quick question, wondering if anyone has any ideas....currently have plants (northern lights seeds), very impressed with the growth so far, but a couple of them have recently changed to a very dark green color. Is this to be expected or is there something...
  6. J

    Weird seedling - Dried leaf tip

    Hello, i just started my first grow with 2 autos from mephisto (the famous AlienvsTriangle). One of the seedling developped a whitish dried part at the end of one of the cotyledon leaves. It fell off after some days. Now the seedling looks really weird. Any of you experienced guys can...
  7. G

    Quick Northern Lights Question

    I jist started my first crop in over 8 years. I chose northern lights fem from Nirvana but i can't find any real info on it. So my question is since northern lights is a heavy main cola producer does she take well to topping? I know some strains dont like it and i have never grown northern...
  8. R

    99.9 % Feminized Blueberry Seeds

    Any information you can offer will be much appreciated. This was only my second grow which just so happened to coincide with some of my first (Barney's Farm Pineapple Express Autos) which I have been more than happy with. These were free seeds from another breeder which I prefer not to name...
  9. T

    Help with black dots

    Hi, first of all, Im not sure if this goes here, but Im worried cause I never ha this issue before, I use organic nutes with 2 watering a week, one with And another without nutes, but from one day to another happened what you can see in the photos, I searched but didnt find any similar to this...
  10. S

    Is it too late to go back to HPS from LED

    hi i have a heaveyweight campion freebie seed i been growing with a mars hydro 2 400w in a 60 x 60x160cm tent in normal soil i am in week 9 shes not grown any more loads of white yellow pistels so far its been great but in week 8 she moaned about the light 4 sugar leafs when yellow so i...
  11. C

    Advanced Nutes Flawless Finish

    Hi folks, I'm just thinking ahead but if using advance nutes flawless finish to flush my plants do I have to ph the water or does it do it for me? I'm trying to look online and can't find any mention of it. Its 7.0 where I am, which is a bit high for growing in coco. Any advice appreciated and...
  12. Gardenseed

    Do you run NFT Hydroponics? Please only respond if you are - Thanks

    Does any one run NFT Hydroponics? My friend is an hydroponics expert in the field of tomatoes for 30 years and he says NFT is the best possible way to farm. Any light on the matter would be greatly appreciated. :nomo: Thanks.
  13. H

    Question about pesky fungus gnats

    So I'm about to restart my grow cycle. Last cycle we had a fungus gnat problem, hoping to avoid that this time around. Local grow store suggested the following tip for dealing with larvae in mature plants. He said this: "Increase o2 levels from 1.5mL per 4litres to 5mL per 1 litre." I'm...
  14. HigherTheHigh

    4 Northern Light Clones & 3 Lemon Shining Silver Haze - Training?

    hello all! i have 4 northern lights clones in 20L pots and 3 lemon shining silver haze in 7L pots. i have topped the 3 lemon and im planning on topping 2 more times after another week but has anyone got any pics of how they top and super crop? the clones i have are getting big and...
  15. B

    Licensed growers in Nevada

    I work with a processing company that recently opened up near Vegas...does anyone know any licensed growers in the state they can introduce me to...I don't believe in doing anything for free so any help would be greatly appreciated
  16. R

    Solvents to use when making your own cannabis oil

    Hi everyone. Would appreciate any advice on this please? fortunate enough to have the opportunity to make my own oil (well with help from a friend) and a sticking point at the moment is the solvent to use? as when researched they all seem very flammable/danagerous. Any one know the safest...
  17. FeloniousPunk

    Cannabis and Dementia - Especially Alzheimers

    Does anybody have any experience with Cannabis and Dementia? Peace. :peace:
  18. LiveAndLetGro

    Best/Cheapest Place to Buy Gorilla Grow Tent?

    Hey All! I am looking at buying a 4x4 Gorilla Grow Tent for a flowering tent. I figure I should go ahead and get the nice one (Classic Gorilla Grow Tent) for my flowering tent because I don't want to deal with light leaks or any problems. I will probably get a cheaper one for a veg tent. My...
  19. K

    Help wanted

    As you can see two of these girls have deformed/half looking new growth leafs I don't know if it's a big problem or how to deal with it any advice will be appreciated they are under a 300w led 4weeks in veg
  20. G

    Help needed

    i recently had temperature above 30 degrees, the plant was outdoors and get direct sun half day. I moved the plant indoors due to the heat as because the plant is starting curling and some leaves are turned down. any ideas how I can help the plant. this is lemon Kush, roughly 2 , 2.5 month old ??
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