1. Momma’s Kitchen

    Hermi? Some seeds - Why?

    Ok so I pulled some plants 4 to be exact and they had (only at the top) and a couple yellow bananas! WTF happened! Are all My plants going to be like this? How did this happene and how can I spot a problem I couldn’t see?
  2. 4A49600E-3533-4A73-9686-97648CA9C155.jpeg


    Last stretch, shiva skunk
  3. C3D26D41-8348-4D04-8ABB-53893F294D55.jpeg


    Almost done, two huge mugs Gods Grren Crack
  4. A92ED70B-87A4-4901-B2B5-A71FB97D5B5A.jpeg


    Peyote Cookie Week 4 veg.
  5. Momma’s Kitchen

    Trichomes disappearing?

    Ok sooo I’ve noticed my trichomes are disappearing on some plant (Durban Poison) W8 Bloom. I had some heat issues, AC busted, what do I do for them to come back??? The ones that are there are small and smoky. The room is fine now and temps are good but is the damaged happened irreversible...
  6. Momma’s Kitchen

    Here are some pics of cloned re-veg in bloom

    It’s working too!
  7. Momma’s Kitchen

    Shiva Skunk - Bloom W6 - 5 gallon

    My beautiful Shiva Skunk! I was so surprised how this baby has done. Any others grow Shiva Skunk? How was it? Any tips for finishing?
  8. 7C0F7400-CE4F-420B-B5DB-8E574F118E7A.jpeg


    Blueberries 4
  9. S

    AN pH Perfect

    Can someone tell me me f the ph perfect grow, micro, and bloom line from AN are organic? Thanks in advance.
  10. beez0404

    A question about LED lighting for Vegging plants

    My grow operation is quite small with a 2' x 2' x 4' tent with a 450 watt LED light fixture. The fixture has two switches, a VEG switch and a BLOOM switch. The instructions say to flip on just the VEG switch until flowering when you would turn on the BLOOM switch also and have both turned on...
  11. bipolar

    My New Grow Setup

    The equipment I ordered finally arrived. I have been putting together my grow setup for the past few days. A 5'x5' grow tent a 6" filter and fan 2 Mars Epistar 160 LED lights. It is a deep water system. The plastic tubs are 102 liters or 25 gallons, each one has five 5" mesh pots and two air...
  12. T

    SunPlusUSA Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

    Grow with the Sun 11/23/2017 Click Here to Purchase This is a 5x5 space P6 COB Only P6 5w...
  13. SaltyThings

    Outdoor Greenhouse Bloom - CDP - Coco/Perlite/Soil - Smartpots

    Hello, I had some plants donated by a buddy, he wants me to test out the small greenhouse we setup. He hooked me up with two extra CDP's at the end of Veg. I repotted them from 1Gal. Smartpots in soil to 5Gal. Smartpots with my custom mix of 25/25 Coco/Perlite and 50 Soil. This is the first...
  14. Ron Strider

    Bloom Farms Redirects Statewide One-For-One Food Bank Donations To NorCal Regions

    SAN FRANCISCO, California - October 31, 2017 - Bay Area medical cannabis company Bloom Farms™ has redirected all of its statewide donations to a Northern California food bank situated among the state’s most devastating wildfires through the end of the year, the company announced this week...
  15. G

    Help with flowering

    I've started my 1st flowering cycle with 2 clones (2nd week of flowering )in soil (promix) and I'm using the foxfarm feeding schedule Week 5- OR--day 1 of 12/12-- 2 tsp Tiger Bloom +1TBS Big Bloom + 1/2 tsp Open Sesame Week 6--same as above Week 7-- 2 Tsp Grow Big + 2 tsp Tiger Bloom +1TBS Big...
  16. B

    Advanced nutrients in flowering

    I am in my third week of grow, Dutch Passion's Glueberry OG an Auto flower, the plant is showing pistils, I sprayed X-nutrients Bloom on the leaves and watered with Advanced Nutrients; Grow, Micro, Bloom, 4ml each along with B52 and Cal-Mag, ph'd 6.3, I plan to go to bloom in two weeks. Forums...
  17. WillGrow510

    LSD & Great White Shark Under 2x 315w CMH In Coco 4x4 Room

    Greetings. Welcome to my 5th grow!!!! Genetics: LSD And Great White Shark Femenized House Strain from JustFeminized dot com. Lights: 2x 315w Generic CMH hoods with Philips T9 bulbs (one 4,200k and the other 3,500k). Medium: Coco Coir bricks rehydrated and mixed with pearlignt and rice...
  18. C

    What to expect?

    So if I switch from grow to bloom nutes with my auto, does that mean all growth stops? Or can I expect a triple in size (as she enters flowering) like with normal plants? She's slowed vertical growth and is showing preflowers, time to change to bloom nutes? Excuse the dumb questions, first...
  19. C

    Grow or Bloom nutes?

    My girl is about a month old and is still growing vertically she's a NL Auto. My question is when should I change to bloom nutes? I've heard to wait until vertical growth has stopped, is this correct?
  20. I

    Dyna Gro question

    Using dyna gro for my outdoor plants, and just switched from grow to bloom. Just ordered protekt after reading about it and wondered if I can mix protekt and bloom in the same watering can?