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  1. D

    New to forum

    ...I just want to introduce myself. I am Demasoni from Massachusetts and I joined today. I have been reading some of the articles and journals here and they have been great. I will be starting my first serious grow within a few weeks. I will start a rookies grow journal as soon as I begin...
  2. Cannapot

    Cannapot's Brothers Grimm Seeds & Medical Marijuana Genetics

    Hi there! :Namaste: Get 15% of two great strains by Brothers Grimm till 30th April 2017 :) 1.) The supercool Grimmdica reduced @ Grimmdica [Brothers Grimm] : buy cannabisseeds - Cannapot 2.) The incredible strain called Apollo 13 reduced @ Apollo 13 [Brothers Grimm] : buy cannabisseeds...
  3. M

    1 or 2 for new 2x3x7 Grow Cabinet

    First... great forum. Got tons of great input to help me setup/plan my grow. Simple question... 1 or 2 plants? Details: space is a 2'x3'x7' cabinet. 300W LED Hydro: GH Waterfarm system Nutes: GH grow/micro/bloom 4" inline exhaust w/filter Seeds: Blueberry; Royal Moby; Critical Widow; Snow...
  4. J


    Hi how do you manage to keep your seeds wet in the paper towel over night. I tried waking up at 3 to give a quick spray but still dry in the am. I also work 12 hr shifts any tricks or suggestions mine dried out 2 times the survived the first I'm not sure about the second. The sprout seems to...
  5. N

    Train Wreck newbie

    Any help would be great thanks guys
  6. G

    Over watered? Nute burn?

    This is my first grow, the journal link is below. But the leaf browned out, dried up then i clipped them before and after, all the info is included in my journal. Any help would be great so i can get these little guys into my hydro system. First Grow Purple Kush Hydro Drip Fed 2017
  7. W

    Total nube

    Longtime smoker, first time growing REAL medicine. Starting seeds in RR and been told great things, but my "sprouts" have long and weak stems, and no real leafs. All small and puny. Different strains, from different seed banks, couple look great, but majority suck. Any input would be...
  8. P

    Hello new friends!

    I admit to being an old hippy. That being said, I am most comfortable around other old hippies. But I enjoy the company of all good souls. Started growing a year and a half ago. Found Crop King on the Internet witch brought me to 420. I still have a lot to learn. The great posts in the forum...
  9. F

    Not new but have not posted before - Is this light burn?

    This is the 2nd time this has happened. My light is a 600w I flower with and i veg under 10x120w CFL\'s ..... They go into the tent looking great .... My tent runs at about 80 degrees and i\'ve tried everything .....
  10. S

    New to 420

    Merry christmas from the newbie! Looking forward to all the great advice from others here . Looked at some of the journals and wow they are awesome. Great work guys!
  11. C

    Hello there everyone! Very new here - Bear with me

    I am very new at posts, and post,ingg, etc. soooo i will try HARD to pick all this, UP.. I am a 10 month cannibis user, and i really LOVE the benefits of s.thing all natural etc. i had NOOO idea of the massive benefits of just the tip of the burg' of cannibis. soo i hope, i will...
  12. The Germinator

    Hi - Name change

    hello, i was dugy40. changed my name. thought i might let everyone know. Great group of people here. loving it.
  13. D

    Detox Review

    It's hard to know what detox is best for you because everyone is different, but in my experience there are only two that have guaranteed me with great results.. First off though, when choosing a detox, YOU MUST DO SOME RESEARCH. I cannot stress that enough.. I have taken a drug test a month...
  14. M

    Durban Poison Review

    Strain seeds from MJSeedsCanada Very Sativa plant, 7ft tall and minimal smell. Did great with LST and topping. This is more of a review of my first time growing skills, not professional. Here is my take on the dried buds and effects (not going in depth on this): Taste - 5/10 Smell - 3/10...
  15. ShiggityFlip

    The Great Halloween Smokathon of 2016!

    Hey all it's time for another forum wide smokathon! I though Halloween would be a great choice as we could get Halloween themed cookies and treats! Cannabis smoke is great for that Halloween ambience as well and is way more fun than a fog machine! So let's get together in preparation and enjoy...
  16. H

    Crop King Auto Jack Herer

    Strain Name - Jack Herer Autoflower From - Crop King When - 8/1/16 Price - Priceless. Grown at home with love. Type - Hybrid Appearance - All the colors of the rainbow. Heavy purple in the later days Smell - Intense. A grilled cheese sandwich dipped in motor oil. Heaven. Taste -...
  17. odinsmaster

    New grower needs help - Problem in bloom

    Ok i have been stepping up my nutes little by little, just upped it again today. While taking a peak after work i noticed these spots getting worse. Any advice would be great. If its nute burn should i flush it immediately? Thank you in advance.
  18. C

    Hello from Carolina Hemp

    Hello! Just wanted to say hey and great forum. We are hemp activists from Asheville NC focused on the industrial hemp side of the fight. Hope everyone is well and I look forward lots of great information from the forums.
  19. Kbomb

    Co-planting a la Cannabelle anyone?

    Hello I am very interested in the concept of planting some spring onions (or other 'companion' species) in the same container, like what I have read with great interest on the likes of Cannabelle's threads. Does anyone do this regularly, or tried it before? Opinions good or bad?
  20. Blondhottie

    Hey There!

    I am a female trying to learn to grow my first marijuana plants (Moby Dick), its been a very interesting time growing my first plants, learning a lot, doing a lot of research... If people can give me advice that would be great! Have a great Day!
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