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  1. J

    Should I harvest now?

    I grew banana purple punch in a small pot (space constraints) with clayey soil (experimenting) . The leaves have started yellowing, even the sugar leaves. The trichomes are mostly clear. I wonder if I should harvest them now, thinking it may degrade the bud quality if I let it continue to ripe.
  2. 7

    When to harvest this Runtz Auto?

    Should I harvest this now or should I wait it out.. ? Most of the pistils are brown but I can’t tell if you Trichomes are white or milky. I do have a jewelers loupe as well. Current Week is 6 of bloom.
  3. Skankhunter

    Novice Grower, White Rhino when to Harvest?

    Hi everyone long time smoker, novice grower. soil 12/12 light I'm at 8 weeks,I've seen to leave it till 9 weeks any thoughts or opinions on where I'm currently at please.Been flushing with straight water for about 1 week. Been unsure of what I should judge the cut off date on pistol...
  4. F

    Harvested fresh weed in freezer

    Hello, long time no see, so yesterday I harvested my weed maybe little bit early because it smelled too much and I was scared of people notice. And I even decided to put fresh cutted weed in to my fridge freezer and now Im not sure if that was good idea. I already did that once but it was...
  5. R

    Calcium deficiency damaged leaves on budsites: harvest or not?

    Hi all, Should I be worried about the damaged leaves getting in to the budsites? Aside from the brown spots the leaves appear ok. They don’t pull off of the plant so I’ve left them on. The deficiency has been there for weeks and hasnt really changed despite phing water between 6.2 - 6.8. The...
  6. J

    Am I ready for harvest!?

    Hey peeps! I have 2 girls left that have been stumping me in when to cut.im in Colorado and overnight temps have been dropping quick! Averaging 34° at night.they have been in a makeshift enclosure and been maintaining around 48° overnight and 70° during day.they are at 9 weeks flower and I'm...
  7. B

    Need help with harvest window

    Hey all, 1st time indoor growing and I've ran into a bit of a predicament, I have tried and tried to find the answer online through many hours of unfruitful searches, but cannot find the answer. I'm growing in dwc and in week 9 of flower. I'm running 600w hps in a grow tent and I have maxed...
  8. D

    Sorry to bother you again ready to harvest or not

    My frien is telling me that I’m late as it’s turning yellow my son has a terminal illness I can’t fail him First white pistols appears April 3 it’s an auto flowering Tia
  9. M

    Time to chop or not?

    Hello Gents and Ladies I have another girl to show first time growing indoors a Lemon Pineapple by 710 Genetics sativa dominant she’s just under 5 weeks in flower and her nugs are so solid and smelling like OMG! again I think she still got around 3 weeks to go, she’s under Mars-hydro fc-e6500...
  10. M

    Harvest now or wait?

    My first time growing indoors a Barney’s Farm Critical Kush (indica) she’s just under 5 weeks in flower I feel she still got around 3 weeks to go, she’s under Mars-hydro fc-e6500 led, tricomes are clear with a cpl amber here and there, should I start flushing for two weeks then harvest or shall...
  11. H

    How much time does my plant have left?

    Hello My plant is in week 8 of flowering at day 50 today.My question is how much time does she left until harvest?I'm currently feeding her only with plagron PK 13-14 and I just fed her.When should I stop giving her the nutrient? If I posted it in the wrong thread then sorry! :D
  12. M

    Are my girls ready to harvest?

    Hi everyone! Long time reader, first time poster. I’m wondering if my girls are ready (or nearly) ready for harvest. 2 x royal cheese 2 x zilky zmooth they’ve been in flower for 7 weeks, trichs look cloudy to me but hairs are still mostly white. First grow so any feedback is much appreciated!
  13. Auto Grower9

    Auto flower Blue Dream when to harvest: I stunted it a few times so it’s small

    Planted on December 31st
  14. 20210315_215328.jpg


    Day 43 of flowering and looking for guidance as this is my first grow. Should I harvest according to the pistils changing to brown or pay more attention to the trichomes? There are 20 colas that look the same way and don't want to harvest too early. Thanks all for any input!!
  15. OGeMann

    When to harvest White Widow auto

  16. OGeMann

    White Widow Auto Trichomes

    Is it true the this particular strains( white widow auto) trichomes stays cloudy and it will not turn amber, or is this statement is false. Am I supposed to wait for the fan leaves fade then die to harvest them. They are 10 weeks,2 days from seed..... ?????:theband: here are some pics of them...
  17. OGeMann

    To chop or not to chop

    Girl #1: looking at these pictures i am thinking 2 weeks at the most. what does every one else think ?? White Widow auto 8 weeks and 3 days from seed Girl #2:
  18. W

    What do you think is she about ready to cut?

    I was messing around with 24-36 hours of darkness and 18 off 6 on I'm back to a 12/12 schedule because they started to ripen while staying small
  19. KrunckleSam

    Auto flower vs 12/12 flowering potency

    So do auto flower plants affect potency? What’s the yield difference, and how long does it take on avg. vs the standard plant? It may also help to know, I have a 4x4x6.5 indoor tent, so limited on space.
  20. 0

    Thinking of harvesting at the end of the week: is she ready?

    This is my first grow (DeLaHaze) and I'm not entirely sure from the photos if they are ready to be chopped. I'm just about to finish with week 7 soon and was wondering if I should go for another week... Any thoughts from the more experienced growers are welcomed!! :adore: Pictures are a bit...
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