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  1. Bug catcher kush

    Bug catcher kush

    Have u tried this for getting rid of pests? Lol Seems to catch them pretty well
  2. 90A94326-FE8D-4F03-B3C3-A1F367BD3C94.jpeg


    Group shot of my 2018 kingjoegrowshow . I wang to thank each and everyone of you ladies and gentlemen. Thugs and shorties , no matter what in this world remeber one thing . Be humble and express your love to others . I just get emotional when I look at this garden to where I was three years ago...
  3. E3FEAC87-7AAF-4644-8137-24C88B276714.jpeg


    This plant is easy to grow as well throw what you like at it it won’t be stopped lol trailer trays betty for the win on size , bud size , no pest Cept pillars . Very impressive genetics @Guy Cavallero and @Jackalope
  4. SofaKing Dope

    Hey everyone - I'm pretty new here

    Hello folks Ive been lurking around for a few weeks and i probly shoulda started here first. As usual im back asswards and already have a grow journal going. I can already tell the comunity is loaded with awsome people and extremely knowledgeable growers. Im fairly new to growing, but i...
  5. U

    UK To USA For Work?

    What's up guys!? im new to the forum as you can probably tell lol. I'm after some information that i cant seem to find on the web, im from the uk still currently living here, i want to know IF its possible nd HOW hard it is to get a job growing legal cannabis in the usa i.e colardo?? i dont...
  6. G

    I'm new

    Yes so I'm taking it slow and not rushing. But can someone tell me how to do pics of my plant. Easy way please lol.
  7. R

    Hermi Or Pollinated Female?

    High, High, High neighbors....LOL. Day off due to a rare disease of anal glaucoma...couldn't see my ass going to work today...LMAO. So 3 of my gurls have seeds. Entire plant up to the top cola. Are they hermi or were they pollenated by the male I found earlier in the season? One of the...
  8. Advocate420

    Leaf Bud

    Didn't know this could happen. A bud growing on the leaf stem lol.
  9. S

    new member

    Hi all first time post so apologies for any errors. Been a recreational smoker for nearly 40 years lol. Been growing for 15 or so. Still lots to learn so I'm here. On my first grow with auto anaesthesia under led so fingers crossed. All looking good so far nearly three weeks and just showing...
  10. TorturedSoul

    Why I Chuckle When I See Fancy Cloning Gizmos - Rambling

    I've had a couple plants in vegetative growth since last year some time. I don't think they're a year old yet, but they're getting there. I keep telling myself, "No flowering until you get a pH probe," but then it seems like every time I get $35 together I end up blowing it on frivolous stuff...
  11. Tony Urban

    Daffodils and Burmese Skunk

    Hi, Been binge reading grow journals and every other important topic. Obsessing over building my set up. Patiently waiting to grow. Gonna plan and plan and plan then buy and buy and buy. But heres my intro for now... Around 20 years ago I was a young man and tried to grow. Ordered seeds...
  12. 4

    What's your favourite thing to do while stoned?

    Watch movies? Listen to music? Get out into nature? Having never smoked before I'm looking forward to trying out different things while I'm stoned. One thing I'm definitely gonna try out is playing on the Playstation. Specifically Skyrim. Or Journey! Wow, that will probably be akin to a...
  13. A

    Calcium deficiency or pests?

    In other words Calcium Chloride or Peppers. LOL. What do you think???
  14. C

    Advice on these LEDs please

    would this set be suitable? only trying to do a couple of autos. seems stupid cheap? like too cheap lol. and any idea how much heat 5 of those things might give off?
  15. 4

    Hello from Michigan

    New to the group 420pfunk is my name growing is my game. Lol thanks in advance
  16. K

    Newb from Regina, Sask

    hi. just ordered some white widow autoflowering seeds today. i've never grown anything in my life but i'll try my best lol. been reading up on it and just trying 10 seeds at first. thank you for letting me join the forum
  17. C

    Can anyone help me with learning how to grow for dispensaries MA

    I live in mass and I own a grow room and I just bought all the right equipment from vinyl wrap all the way down to a lumen reader for my lights and laser temp gun humidity monitor and a exhaust fan and started growing last week and I got one seedling lol anyways the room can hold up to 50-75...
  18. A

    McLifted Sandwich

    Check out this bad ass sandwich using cannaoil That's my happy meal lol
  19. A

    Do you ever get used to not being able to brag or talk about growing?

    Like seriously it's driving me nuts I can't tell anyone lol. I've got all these pictures that I'm really proud of, even though the plant was put under 12/12 too early and stunted the plant I still like what I see and want to show everyone! Lol
  20. B

    Thank You Crop King

    Been a bit since I been on but things are going along great. I was the winner of the video contest for summer here, just wanted to post an update and say I received my Purple Kush, Green Crack, Bubba Kush, and Dark angel about a week after the contest ended( fast even with freebies lol) then it...
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