northern light auto

  1. IMG_9653.jpg


    Northern light auto week 6
  2. IMG_9652.jpg


    Northern light auto week 6
  3. Elvira - 14 days IMG_7021.JPG

    Elvira - 14 days IMG_7021.JPG

    Elvira Northern Lights Auto at 14 days
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    weird buds above
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    Weird buds
  6. Kundal1n1

    Kundal1n1's - Soil - NorthernLight AutoFem

    Hey there everyone, it's been a while. I thought I'd post another journal, the last one was a lot of fun! :) This grow is as follows; One seed, one pot. Northern Light Auto Feminized from Nirvana Seeds Soil, DIY growtent, DIY growlight with CFL bulbs. Growing organic with an organic...
  7. Cap3550

    Northern Lights & Amnesia Haze Auto Fem grow - When to harvest

    First time grower. 7 weeks into my grow on both Northern Lights and Amnesia Haze. All plants are 3.5'-4' and flowering nicely. The seed description say 8 weeks before harvest. Wondering what I should be looking for before I start cutting branches and drying out the buds. Any suggestions...
  8. Crianza

    Hello All glad to be apart of the Community

    Hey all. I'm new to this channel but so far I've met some good folks. I grew about 3 plants a few years ago and just got back into it this past month. The first grow I had no idea what I was doing, used bagseed, and just had little knowledge about growing in general. Ending up having such a...
  9. H

    Putin's Easy-Going Threesome For The Very First Time - 2017

    Hello, everyone! That's how is saying "Hi!" usually in English within my motherland, beautiful, powerful and bright country, Russia. Should introduce myself first. My name is Vladimir, the rest I can't tell you, it's TOP SECRET, due to things what we all do on our own. But if they knew, that I'm...
  10. Blew Hiller

    Maine 4-Season Grow

    Newbie for cannabis and very glad to have found this online resource. We farm here @ 44'N in Maine so we have a lot of infrastructure already (insulated greenhouses and high tunnels) so we are going with what we know (and have) and not investing in lights etc. Maine just passed as law that...