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northern light auto

  1. OGeMann

    Slow growth

    I have NLxB, NL and PH all autos soil mix NLS, coco loco, perlite, vermiculite, worm casting and top layer of mulch Does living soil have to be moist at all time? I read a 7-10 moist ratio is a good way to keep the soil moist, does this slow the growth down? inside grow; 5x5 tent Light: 600...
  2. S

    Northern Lights Harvest time?

    Hi my first grow,its a northern lights auto..Is it ready for harvest yet?Its now 12 weeks old.Had a look at trichomes and so many diferent answers as when to harvest. Most of the trichomes are milky,but some of the colas are still white with the main one more brown hairs. just wanted some...
  3. Northern Lights Autoflower

    Northern Lights Autoflower

  4. B

    Another First Time Grow

    Hey guys what's up, I'm here for some feedback and just to document my first cannabis grow. Before I get started I just want to thank any and all who contribute and help me through this, it really is appreciated. Ok so I have 2 northern lights auto seeds planted into one 5 gallon smartpot...
  5. V

    How are my seedlings doing?

    Hello guys!! First time grow here. My seedlings are 4 days old, I'm growing diesel, gorilla and northern light autos. As this is my first grow I have no clue if I'm doing correctly :confused: Any input, advice would be much appreciated. By what I can tell, they're doing fine although I'm a...
  6. AliceGG

    How seedbanks calculate the yields

    So I ordered my first ever seeds, they are on their way, and in the meantime I got some questions in my head. Here's one: THC: 14% CBD: Low Yield Indoor : 500 - 550 gr/m2 Yield Outdoor: 170 - 220 gr/plant Height Indoor: 80 - 120 cm Height Outdoor: 130 - 160 cm Flowering time: 5 - 7 weeks...
  7. D

    G’day Growers!

    Hello to all and happy new year to all! I have joined this forum to seek guidance and advice from the gurus of the growing community. I currently have a 4 day old seedling which i have a few questions for.This is my first grow so i am a major noob but determined to learn. Its currently growing...
  8. H

    Questions about Growers Choice 315w CMH 3K

    So just starting out on my grow. 4x4 with 4 plants in 5 gallon pots. What wattage and distance from the plant should the CMH be? I have 3 auto’s and 1 feminized that just got planted after germination.
  9. CharlieG

    Strange spots on leaves can anyone help?

    So here are my sad looking girls. bit of a back story, I started to get lots of white flys in my tent so i decided I'd wipe down the leaves and give a good dowsting of water and neem oil. Fast forward 4 days and this is the result. I figure maybe too much neem oil on the leaves and the light...
  10. CharlieG

    Charlie's Soil Northern Lights 2018!

    This will be my 2nd grow and better equipped this time with a proper tent, fans, carbon filter and two led lights. Hope you enjoy the ride! Bucket Size - half gallon at the moment but I'll be moving into 5 gallon pots in a week or so. Tent - 80x80×180 Medium - Canna Terra professional soil...
  11. 20180529_205302.jpg


    Northern Lights Auto from CKS - OVERKILL harvest day 98
  12. R

    First Grow: Northern Light A/F & Durban Poison F

    I will soon move my seeds to soil. They’re lying between paper towels... 4 northern lights autoflowering feminized and 1 Durban Poison feminized. They are two days old. I bought basic turf soil from flower shop and mixed it with some backyard soil. I guess it was a little too dirty. Smells...
  13. IMG_9653.jpg


    Northern light auto week 6
  14. IMG_9652.jpg


    Northern light auto week 6
  15. Elvira - 14 days IMG_7021.JPG

    Elvira - 14 days IMG_7021.JPG

    Elvira Northern Lights Auto at 14 days
  16. P3010025.JPG


    weird buds above
  17. P3010024.JPG


    Weird buds
  18. Kundal1n1

    Kundal1n1's - Soil - NorthernLight AutoFem

    Hey there everyone, it's been a while. I thought I'd post another journal, the last one was a lot of fun! :) This grow is as follows; One seed, one pot. Northern Light Auto Feminized from Nirvana Seeds Soil, DIY growtent, DIY growlight with CFL bulbs. Growing organic with an organic...
  19. Cap3550

    Northern Lights & Amnesia Haze Auto Fem grow - When to harvest

    First time grower. 7 weeks into my grow on both Northern Lights and Amnesia Haze. All plants are 3.5'-4' and flowering nicely. The seed description say 8 weeks before harvest. Wondering what I should be looking for before I start cutting branches and drying out the buds. Any suggestions...
  20. Crianza

    Hello All glad to be apart of the Community

    Hey all. I'm new to this channel but so far I've met some good folks. I grew about 3 plants a few years ago and just got back into it this past month. The first grow I had no idea what I was doing, used bagseed, and just had little knowledge about growing in general. Ending up having such a...
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