1. Ron Strider

    CO: Marijuana Odor From Cultivation Center Continues To Seep Into North Boulder

    The same area of north Boulder that one year ago was the site of some neighborhood frustration over marijuana odor is now host to a near repeat of that drama. A cultivation facility that, according to state records, is licensed to local pot shop Boulder Botanics was fined $2,000 for a...
  2. C

    Any suggestions on odor control in community setting and an auto that produces

    Hi, Looking for some info on quality odor control filters for close community living and looking for any recommendations on an auto strain that produces good yields and packs a punch. Peace, Crazyhorse
  3. Ron Strider

    AK: Odor From Marijuana Grow Bothers Neighbors

    Neighbors offended by the smell coming from a Two Rivers pot farm have gone to the state and the borough looking for relief. They have found none. The business is Herbal Instincts, an outdoor marijuana growing operation on Ream Lane, about 15 miles down Chena Hot Spring Road. The pot farm...
  4. Ron Strider

    ID: Skunk Smell In Rexburg Mistaken For Marijuana

    As one resident in Rexburg learned this past weekend, the smell of marijuana and the smell of a skunk can be very similar. On Saturday, police in the East Idaho town responded to a complaint about the odor of marijuana coming from an apartment complex. "The area was checked, and it was...
  5. Ron Strider

    Denver Marijuana Facilities Without Odor Plans Could Face Punishment, City Says

    Denver is about to crack down on the roughly one-fifth of marijuana facilities that are overdue on providing plans to deal with odors coming from their sites, according to the city's environmental health department. City officials said Monday marijuana companies that continue not to comply...
  6. beez0404

    Do new grow tents have a period where they give off gas?

    My wife purchased a 2' x 2' x 4' tall grow tent for some small scale indoor growing. I set it up the other day and noticed it had an odor coming from the inside when I opened it up. Is that normal? If so how long till that smell goes away?
  7. Jurf

    How do I contain odor strictly within my tent?

    Hey guys. Never posted before. Haven't even started growing yet, but Im so goddamn pumped and excited for my first grow its childish. Anyway, a serious issue for me is containing the odor. I'm aware of the carbon filter and how that works, but it seems so far to me that, although the air...
  8. K

    Beginner Questions on Lights and Grow Roooms

    Hello everyone, I am interested in growing 2-3 plants in my room. I live in a college house with 4 other room mates and we are all interested in growing plants. Questions 1: Smell How much do the plants smell? I have personally never been around fully grown plants so I have no idea what to...
  9. Katelyn Baker

    CO: Marijuana Odor From North Boulder Grow Irks Neighbors, Draws $14,000 In Fines

    Marijuana odor emanating from a north Boulder marijuana grow facility has earned the grow's owner a $10,000 penalty from the city, which says it tried to negotiate better compliance but levied the fine when that outreach failed. The facility, just west of the corner of Broadway and Lee Hill...
  10. Katelyn Baker

    OR: Critics Raise A Stink Over Marijuana Odor Ordinance

    Although city officials have defended its necessity, others smell trouble in Pendleton's marijuana odor ordinance. Pendleton attorney Will Perkinson hasn't been involved with any cases relating to the year-old city law, but he has defended clients who have been accused of violating marijuana...
  11. C

    Help - Smell!

    setup : 1.2mx1.2mx1.8m growtent 240m3 carbon filter 180 m3 exhaust fan computer intake small fan so plants are now on their first week of flowering and whole flat started smelling any suggestions??? my plans are to put ONA gel into the end of exhaust tube. what u think about it??? Not...
  12. B


    hi i have 750cf growroom and i want to buy 8inch hyperfan 710cfm with phresh filter.. i have 1000w bulb and 10 big plant + 20 little this will be suffisant to remove all the odor ? cause i live in apartement, i dont want any odor.. i have hesitation to buy the 10 inch 1080cfm.. i very need no...
  13. G

    Jack's Cleaner 2 Questions

    Think I've settled on JC2 for an indoor grow. The descriptions of it are about what I'd be interested in, but reading so far (limited time) doesn't give me an accurate idea of what to expect. Has someone grown JC2 before? What sort of odor does it have growing? Not so much intereted in yield...
  14. Katelyn Baker

    WA: Chehalis City Council Votes To Limit Marijuana Producers, Processors

    The Chehalis City Council passed an amended ordinance on Monday night limiting the number of marijuana production, processing and growing facilities in the city to one, while allowing vested applications to continue. Although the new ordinance limits the facilities to one operation within...
  15. S

    Buds and flowering odor?

    Hey guys Which smells stronger? When the plant is in flowering or after the buds are cured and dried? Also, do flowering plants smell much stronger when they're sleeping or during the day? Cheers
  16. L

    Grow Tent Venting Questions Please Help

    Grow Tent Venting Questions? hey guys i am new to tent growing and have a few questions. i have very limited space and i love growing before i use to have a whole basement set up as now things have changed in life and i have very little space to be used for growing....that being said this is...
  17. G

    Low Odor Varieties?

    I apologize if this has been addressed many times before, but my time is extremely limited for reading threads to pick out this and that from them. I was reading about a DIY odor control systems here and someone mentioned varieties that are high quality and still have low odor. I was...
  18. Katelyn Baker

    Arizona Supreme Court To Decide On Criminality Of Marijuana Odor

    In a case that would set new legal precedents, the Arizona Supreme Court will rule Monday whether the odor of marijuana is enough to give police legal reason for a search. The justices will decide whether the fact that voters in 2010 made marijuana legal for some people to possess and use...
  19. Katelyn Baker

    Marijuana Odor Case Heads To State Supreme Court

    Phoenix - In a case that would set new legal precedents, the Arizona Supreme Court will rule Monday whether the odor of marijuana is enough to give police legal reason for a search. The justices will decide whether the fact that voters in 2010 made marijuana legal for some people to possess...
  20. I

    Odor control - Small space/room

    It seems the general consensus for odor control are carbon filter fan setups. I'm wondering if anyone has had any success using something like this for a single plant/small closet/room set up?
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