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Low Odor Varieties?


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I apologize if this has been addressed many times before, but my time is extremely limited for reading threads to pick out this and that from them.

I was reading about a DIY odor control systems here and someone mentioned varieties that are high quality and still have low odor.

I was going to build a cabinet and filter fan, but would like to avoid that if possible. Thought maybe there would be a extra potent low odor variety to consider that I can sun at my balcony door and put inside a box of someone comes and cover with blankets and they not likely to smell it?

I've grown ML5 and that wasn't too bad...if my memory is good on it. I grew the NL5 when NL5xSK1 first came out...so a long time and memory fades.

Any recommendations? I prefer the trippy types if possible, but any suggestions are appreciated.



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You are going to want to build an exhaust to vent heat... There is not really a way around that, and you need to let your plants get some fresh air.

It doesn't take much to stick a carbon filter on the end of your exhaust; some of them are quite small, too.


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hmmm...was hoping to avoid an exhaust fan or filter or even a grow box. I know there are low odor varieties, but not sure which truly are and how much. I am extremely poor and that is without any exaggerations in the least. So wanted not to build a box and filter and fan setup.

I haven't been involved in reading about varieties and net weed stuff for a long time...just got what I could.

Wanted to find one that didn't smell enough for people to smell through the walls or if they came into my apartment and I had the plant temporarily in a covered cardboard box (with some temporary airfreshener around the box to mask it temporary) and take it back out after they leave.

Thanks for the response. I guess I can ask a reliable seed supplier if they have, but sales might influence their answers and I'd get something stinky.


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I found these while looking on herbies : Ultra genetics tec 9 seeds Herbies Mobile
"TEC 9 is an Indica dominant cross of a 2001 NL9 and our very own AK Confidential.In flower the plant does not have a very strong smell."

Also saw low odor mentioned with some northern lights strains . But dont have experience to back that up. Ive been thinking of making a scrubber for my veg cabinet man and those girls usually only grow to about 1' max.


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Im also interested in other low oder strains ..
If youd like an idea how to build a diy filter pm me


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I spent a lot of time researching low odor strains and in the end, I decided to just put the effort into odor control. While I use carbon filters, I understand that they can be expensive. I'm ultra careful with odor so I run multiple carbon filters that are rated way above the space they operate in. This causes its own issues in terms of balancing air intake and stopping tent suction while maintaining a light tight environment.

As I am very diligent with this stuff, I also use a few other methods. Two I swear by are Bicarbonate Soda

and silica gel (I use an indicating silica gel canister)

Ona gel is also a proven technique to eliminate odors but should always be used outside of your tent/grow box etc as it's very strong and can affect the taste of your buds. I also use this and have a gel that I top up with the same smelling (linen) liquid version when it begins to dry out. It's good and powerful stuff.

These all work for me but I highly encourage you to spend a little on a carbon filter though. Growing your own will save you plenty of money on buying cannabis from a shop or the black market and putting some of that future savings into odor control is always a wise investment. For less than $100 you can set yourself up with a pretty decent filter and fan and you'll not have to worry so much about odor.

Even if you live somewhere legal or decriminalised, not everyone has 100% of their friends, family and extended network of people who look at cannabis without prejudice. A carbon filter and a few odor control agents relieves the stress of constant worry and peace of mind is priceless as far as I'm concerned. The freedom to grow the strains you REALLY want is just the cream on the top!

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