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  1. D

    Pre following too early help!

    How do I stop my plants from pre flowering and back to Veg? Not sure why or how this happened they are feminized seeds (thinking my lights were fucked up but I have other plants[different strain regular seeds} that this didn't happen to.) If I'm stuck in flowering can I clone them? I'm only...
  2. B

    Sweet Seeds Sweet Afghani Delicious S.A.D. Auto - Pre Mix Soil - CFL 200W

    Fellas, I am super psyched for my first grow!! and as promised when joining the forum will like to share the good bits and the mistakes with fellow farmer newbies. Would love your support and love. Strain selection Based on a really short grow time available to me, I narrowed down to a...
  3. T

    Pre flower vs full flower

    hi all. new to the site, unsure if im posting in correct area or not, patience would be appreciated :) i am growing outdoor in soil and light is progressing currently from around 12-12.75 hrs over the past month or so and is still going up (in aust we get bout 14 hrs before the soltice). my 2...
  4. K

    Taking clones

    Can i take a clone from a female thats in pre flower.
  5. D

    When do we see pre-flowers?

    My plants have been outside in the ground for about a month. Now that we hit the Summer Solstice we have 14.5 hrs of daylight. I'm wondering if I'm seeing pre flowers or just vegetative growth. I'm thinking it's too soon for pre flowers. Any commentary on the photo would be appreciated.
  6. S

    First time grower planting tomorrow! Nutrient help

    Hi Guys, So today I checked my seeds and the roots are showing! Tomorrow I am planning on planting them (excited). I have a bunch of nutrients that I saw people recommended when growing with Coco. I assumed that I had to add them to the Coco before adding the seeds however from the recent...
  7. B

    First time grow - Premature flowering? Autoflower

    she is almost 5 weeks old and started shownig pre flowering sings i think a week ago and science friday it seems to have not grown in height from what i understand is should be growing fast when pre flowering starts does it look to you like premature flowering? should i be bummed...
  8. C

    Will I pass - Question about threshold cut off

    I drug tested for a job and I am nervous to hear back. 10 days prior to my test I took 2 hits from a one hitter and the night after I took a small baby hit. I only smoke about once every two weeks and it's usually only a few hits.I am 5'9, very skinny, work out a lot, fast metabolism, and...
  9. E

    When do you start seedlings outdoors? Concern of premature flowering

    I've been growing for a few years and am concerned maybe I started too early this season. In the past (last year) I only had a few pre maturely flower. This particular strain was purple storm. Even though it re vegged later, it never produced as much or had luscious growth, my error. All though...
  10. P

    Is it possible a plant can have to colas without topping it?

    My plant has had two colas from the seedling. I have never topped the plant. I have never seen a plant grow with 2 colas right off the start. The strain is an ak47. Is this usual for the plant to have 2.
  11. JuicyK404

    Male Pre Flower?

    I'm pretty sure my nightmare has come true but wanted to get a second opinion. Are these male pre flowers? They look like it to me.....
  12. Ferboldt

    AK48 Nirvana Fem - Not or too late flowering - Reason?

    Hi everyone, I have one AK48 Nirvana Fem. under LED in AeroGarden (DWC). I flipped 14 days ago the lights to 12/12 but I recently started seeing pre flowers. I have an ongoing grow journal. Click here Does anyone has some ideas what might cause this? As far as read in the forum pre flowers...
  13. S

    Pre Employment drug test - Newbie question

    I have been smoking for probably 15 years, the past few years every day. I go through a half ounce per month. I have a pre employment drug test coming up on Monday at LabCorp. I have not smoked since March 5. Today I used a detox and drank a lot of water and came up twice with a ghost line...
  14. PotChimp

    Grand Daddy Purple S1 & Pre-1998 Bubba Kush S1

    What strains are they? These are 4 Ken's original Grand Daddy Purple seeds that I S1'ed myself by using colloidal silver (I self-pollinated a single plant) and 1 Pre '98 Bubba Kush S1 plant from a breeder called Verdant Green (I started it earlier than the 4 GDP S1s due to the low yield). Is it...
  15. Greenethumb42

    Pre flowers

    Are theses little ball looking like things pre flowers and if so do they look like male or female pre flowers
  16. E

    Pre Flowering? Help a girl out

    This girl is a bag seed and about 5 weeks old. She isn't all that big but it seems to me that she is pre flowering?! Yesterday I started the 12/12 cycle - but now I'm not sure if I should of done that since I would like to move her into a bigger pot. Sugesstions? Thanks in advance :Love:
  17. count duckula

    Pre-Surgery use?

    I will be having an operation (my throat) in a few months and was wondering if it's okay to imbibe before the surgery. Anyone know if there are any problems doing this? :thanks: to all! :peace:
  18. T

    Is This A Pre-flower?

    Im a first time grower and im kinda lost right now as to what my plant is trying to do. but i think these are male pre-flowers
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