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spider mites

  1. Whoberry Haze #2

    Whoberry Haze #2

    She is getting treated for spider mites
  2. Spider Mites on Whoberry Haze #2

    Spider Mites on Whoberry Haze #2

    Treated with SNS
  3. A

    Clearing Clones for Entry to Grow Room?

    First, thank you to anyone who offers any guidance on a solid/ proven process! I live in a place where lots of vendors offer clones for delivery, but I’ve heard so many horror stories of pests/ disease accompanying stranger clones that I have yet to order any or take advantage. Instead I grow...
  4. S

    Please Help Identify My Problem

    Hi All, So I’ve got 3 plants growing. Indoor hydro. All 3 are in clay pebbles (hydroton) with drip irrigation using the Lucas method for feeding (8ml micro, 16ml bloom - 3 part EHG Liquid nutrients). I’ve been using RO water to feed. Water has been ph’d and is maintained between 5.7-6.3 or so...
  5. CC7B6386-0485-43FA-B168-E4B739063F0C.png


    Spider mites correct? There are more do feel like it’s gone down a bit . Being attacked next treatment I will hit with 70% usp alcohol to a mil per litre ?
  6. C

    Leaves got probs - First to second week of flowering - Treating mites

    Hey guys, I have been treating my spider mites with Green Cleaner for the past week. First treatment went GREAT, leaves looked nice and clean green the next day. Second treatment, I noticed some leaves were wilting, and showing some sign of brown spots. Now on my 3rd spraydown, I see...
  7. A

    Help! Mites? Brown leaves, previous spider mite problem HELP!

    Brown leaves, previous spider mite problem HELP! About a week from harvest they seem to be destroying the buds. Have used mighty wash, no spider mites, sm 90, reduce them some. But not enough. Also used pyrethrum and Beethoven bombs previously.
  8. ChronicPDX

    New grower with a few issues - Help?

    So though I've worked with a number of other growers before finally being able to do my own I could use some help on a few thing. I have three primary issues I have identified or know is present to some degree; Root aphids, spider mites, and powdery mildew. I'll start with the mites... Spider...
  9. K

    KeepORgreen's Indoor Soil Grow Journal 2016

    This is my first grow. I built a 4'x8' (7' tall) grow box of 5/4" framework with 1/4" reflective mylar (kind of like bubble-wrap) covering the framework. I have active intake pulling air from inside the house (the grow box is in the adjacent converted garage). Specs: Intake: Vortex 449...
  10. H

    Strange marks on leaves - Possible stunted growth

    Medium: Happy Frog Soil Light: 400 Watt MH Temperature: 75-81 Humidity: 50-66 No Nutrients yet, will start in week 4 I am in week 2, my 4 gorilla glue autoflowers have been doing well except for some odd marks on the leaves in this one, I noticed the yellow marks shortly after it got...
  11. S

    Sick plant - Spider mites confirmed - Not sure if anything else is wrong!

    Hello, I'm looking for a little bit of guidance here. I have 3 plants in veg, 7 months old. I'm not sure when the spider mites arrived, but it's been over a month, possibly two. Since discovery, I went and got one brand of pest spray that the grow shop employee recommended i use. It seems...
  12. B

    Spider mites problem - Please advise

    I have this beautiful healthy plant with mature buds full of trichomes. Actually it is ready for harvest but I was waiting for more amber trichomes for the couch-lock effect. Unfortunately, this morning when I was checking on the trichomes with a magnifier I saw those little monsters. I did...
  13. D

    Leaf discoloration - What deficiency is this?

    My Black Indica clone was doing superb until 2 weeks ago. A slight discoloration began at the lowest part of the stem leaves. I watched to see if it would go away and keep an eye on my feed/nutes and watering. I did overwater it once, and also used some Hydrogen Peroxide to aerate the soil a...
  14. F

    Spraying Natural Insectizidal Soap - Pistils Turned Brown

    I had a MASSIVE spidermite problem so I sprayed all my plants good with natural insecticidal soap, including the flowering ones. I know that "usually" you shouldn't spray anything on flowering plants, but I did it after reading the instructions and it says the soap is all natural, non-toxic and...
  15. G

    Spider Mites or New Grower Paranoia? Please advise

    I'm on day 21 of my first grow. I noticed over the past few days what appear to be spider mites but I'm a new grower and aware I might just be paranoid... Can someone advise if they look healthy? I want to transplant them into a bigger container this weekend but not sure if that...
  16. T

    Spider Mites! Best Solution

    This is my first grow so its a steep learning curve for me. I have a small CGE garden with a handful of Sour D plants in 1 gallon pots They all seem to be healthy and doing well but i should have recognized the occasional speckled leaves. A few leaves here or there would die on me but i assumed...
  17. M

    New And Needing Advice On Sick Plant

    Hello Everybody I am a new grower and all has been well for my plants up until a few days ago. All of my plants are mysteriously showing yellowing/browning. My White Widow and Venice Beach Afghan are showing pretty much green leaves for the new growth so I am assuming they will be ok. The...
  18. R

    First plants need help diagnosing

    Hello Everyone, I've posted a pick of what seems to be small whiteish spots on some of my leaves. They appeared on all my plants. I currently have 2 very new ones, and 1 that is progressing very well for the moment. I've given them the best soil I can find. The PH level is 7, I water them...
  19. T

    Help 3rd time growing and slight yellow leafs

    hi all thanks for reading, i have a grow going at the moment and all is well but some leaves are turning yellow and crisping up, im not sure what the problem is ive read a little but pictures all look the same for many dirrernt problems. i sprouted the seeds in airing cupboard in cotton...
  20. J

    Spider Mites

    Into ninth week of Indoor flowering. Saw spider mites and the webs around the buds last week. Sprayed with Pyritherim one times but few days later eggs must have hatched and saw more. Sprayed again and do not see any activity this week. Also sprayed with Amway LOC, Liquid Organic Concentrate...
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