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100% organic Northern Lights - Harvest soon? First time grower :)


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I've searched the internet and read through threads about harvesting, however, I think I've come to the conclusion that various strains does not necessarily look the same upon harvest time.

I've been growing these Northern Lights automatic (white label from the Sensi Seeds company), but I'm very much in doubt whether to harvest soon or leave my ladies for a couple of weeks more?


These are four different plants :)
My grow is 100% organic with no artificial light whatsoever.

By the way, I hope I haven't posted my thread in a wrong section.

I appreciate you time,
- X


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In my opinion, you are several weeks from harvest. The best way to tell is looking through a 30x+ jewelers loupe and check for the trichomes (crystals) to be cloudy or amber.
Another way to help tell is the calyx's that are holding the hairs you see will swell up with resin and look 'fat'. Here are a couple links that will help you--

How to Know when to Harvest


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yes they look yummy
no they are not ready
as spimp has stated it looks like a few weeks left
keep updating and take care
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