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2014 Equinox Grow


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Hello 420 World,

As the Spring equinox has brought beautiful weather decided to start my first outdoor grow and share it with you all. So for all who have had great outdoor grows, please inform me on anything I can do to make these monsters. I decided to make a Box on the side of the house that faces NE by SW. I Built it 3'x9'x1' and divided it into 8 equal pieces. Making the bed a bit over 21 cubic feet(since I dug a bit under the top of the soil to make more room). All Have been started from seed, and planted one at a time directly into the soil.

Strain: Multiple ( 6x random bag seed, 2x Red Diesel)
Total: 8 Vegging
Soil: Mix of bags total of 9
nutrients: FF Big Grow and Big Bloom.

As for the start date was Spring Equinox. Think I planted a bit early as couple took awhile to start really growing fast. Few turned out to be males so pulled and replanted a new seed in its spot.

For training Decided to try a new technique NugBuckets calls (main-ling). He states it will give bigger yields and much easier to control the colas. and equal nutrient distribution(read up on it, if it interests you)Just figured I would give this a try.

Here are some Pictures current to date, I intend to upload more as they all get bigger. ( Figured I didn't want to Bore people by seeing more "Baby" pictures.


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New growers like me enjoy seeing the baby pictures. It gives us a good reference point when comparing plant size and age, so don't feel shy about uploading pictures.

Good luck with the grow, I'm subscribed :D

Excellent point. I agree.


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As Promised, I am back to give a 2 month update. And yes some pictures(eye candy). So here we go....

Here is a shot of the whole bed

These are the 3 that turned out to be male and been re planted 7 days ago.



This one is the first Red D. been topped once

These just got topped to the 8.
Side view for the (8)




Hope you guys like it so far, and more to come :)


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great start Fa :thumb: You could have some monsters in this yard :goodjob:

if you see moths in your yard, you will have to be diligent w/ egg & worm inspections, DAILY, &

you might have to declare full-fledged war, moths (eggs/turned inchworms), can be devastating in the CA, 805 area code.

not sure where you are, but i'm sure you will learn bug control fast, do some reading before you get one bug on your girls,

they are masters of disguise. stop by my yard, you'll find some great moth prevention tactics & lots of helpful shares on what to use to stay one step ahead of the bud eating worms.

I was helping a member today, his buds are loaded with worms, eating his yield as I type this. (there is a direct link, in my yard, find todays post by Relaxed Lester) and click it!:circle-of-love:

once you have the know-how, it is all good, :cheer: best of luck in this grow, you could have some monsters!!


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Thx Trichomes,

Im all about organic growing. so the only pest control is those white fly and aphid papers.Of course all the natural spiders, and other predators in the yard. Saw couple Giant Black widows taking the pictures today.( though it decided to climb on my shoulder and say whats up) so if you don't like spiders I wouldn't recommend my yard to play in lol. :p I think black widows are sexy too just saying. But if I do have any probs, I will Def ask you for sure.


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I can't agree more antics, the goal is 5 tops to 32 colas, or as many as I can get in a growing season with low stress. As you can see just 3 cuts will get you to the 8 colas. To me that's awesome, and think its the most efficient way for the plants resources. Just want these babies to be big and gorgeous :D

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