2019 Winter Indoor Grow


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ok i got 14 plants as of right now 5 gorilla glue #4 clones COCO PERLIGHT blend in 5 gal fabric and 1 ak-47 auto 10-29-19 1 5 x Guys Bulk smash 10-30-19 Kyle 10 -30-19 2 Fastbuds auto 11-3-19 and 11-4-19 this ARE IN sUPER SOIL IN 2 GALS FABRIC POTS 1 GIRL SCOUT COOKIE G.G.G AUTO 11-11-19 IT N A COCO PER-LIGHT BLEND I MIXED UP 1 SUPER CRITICAL ITS IN SUPER SOIL 11-18-19 1GOLD LEAF 11-11-19 SUPER SOIL I CLONES HAVE BEEN GROWING FOR LIKE 4 MONTHS im using 1000w Led and i got 2 24'' blue and red led grows strips plus a 60 watt led with a worklight reflecter i got my seedling in a 2x4 closet i have my gg#4 out in my room i use a plastic tarp and shower rod to separate
AK-47 AUTO I topped yesterday DAY 29
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