Gorilla Glue# 4 Clones Grow Journal


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They have really Took From the transplant from 2 gal fabric pots to 5 gallon fab pots i water them today i have been giving them cal mag and molasses 5 ml per gal of spring water its Ph is 6.2 im going be feeding them next time i need to water Fox farm triple trio thats i all i have to do right now

It’s right at the bottom of the post. But like I said it’s only there for an X amount of hours after said post.

there is a bit of a learning curve getting used to the site. I (as well as many other great members here) will get you straightened out and will soon be teaching us on how this site works! Lol
sorry for all the double pis
I love the second one down, that looks like a beefy stem system! Sometimes I kinda want to not flower them and just leave them in veg and bonzai them out. But I don't lol! CHeers mate looking great! :yahoo:
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