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3 meter - 10 foot - volcano vapor bag!


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My close and inspiring friend Kenichi Nalita a forefront member of the Medical Marijuana Liberation Front came to San Diego for a visit with hopes of connecting with like minded individuals.

When he arrived at the house he asked, "Do you like to vaporize?" I assured him I did.

"I have a treat for you then," he told me and pulled out a 3 meter (10 Foot Balloon) given to him by the Volcano company higher ups at Storz and Bickel. He connected it and went through 2 fills of cannabis. I watched as the bag slowly unraveled. A short 5 minutes later once it was filled I was aghast... Truely the most fantastic vaporization experience I have had.

Find out more about Kenichi Nalita and his fight for political asylum for Medical Marijuana purposes, the first of its kind.

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Re: 3 meter (10 foot) volcano vapor bag!

your pad looks sick! That bag also looks fantastic. I would Looove one of those!
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