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3 Strains Ready for Xmas


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Hi guys & girls its been a while since i last did a grow had a visit from the boys in blue funny thing is they did not really look like they wanted to annoy me and in the end i got no conviction recorded so they dont bother me no more i only grow small for myself 5 plants max :goodjob:

Now seeing i had to start all over i got new Lumatek 600W 400W Electronic Ballast Switchable MH/HPS i love it nothing much else just the normal stuff timers lights panda film etc i keep it simple. i grow in Canna Terra pro potty mix plants love this stuf :green_heart:

Ok enough chit chat for now onto the grow as i said earlier im only growing 3 plants well actually i got 4 ,, 1 male ;) i had to start from seed i placed order at Herbies head shop got some

Sensi Mr Nice G13 X Hash Plant Seeds 10 Seeds
Ripper Zombie Kush Feminised Seeds 1
Barneys Pineapple Chunk Feminised Seeds 1
Sensi Shiva Shanti 5

And they gave me 16 free seeds
3 northern lights x skunk

Ok so on the 13 August i put 2 Mr nice in the ground and 1 zombie kush and 1 Afghan kush x skunk
and they all popped,, out of the 2 Mr nice i got 1 male which i wanted cause im sick of sending over for seeds ;) i will seed 1 bud from each plant so i have some x and some Mr nice for later ;)

So from seed Aug 13 to the 25 of september for veg and now ive turned them to 12/12 will get some pictures soon stay tuned :cheer:


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ok here is the Zombie kush about 40 days old from seed vegged under 400W MH now under 600W HPS all 3 plants have been tipped at the 6 nod up the main stem.

This is the G13 x hashplant

And this is the Afghan kush x skunk

I will get some decent pictures when my camera charges these where taken with ipad .:thumb:


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Just update on the strains im growing i should of posted this in first post oh well better late than never ;)

Ripper Seeds Zombie Kush Feminised Seeds Info
By selecting one of our first jobs genetic search, an old lavender kush clone was pollinated by our brilliant Amnesia. From there he was selected a clone that we named "sidereal" and later decided to return to pollinate our bubba kush. Their growing season should be generous if we develop the full potential of its Indian porte. With a low EC both growth and flowering will get spectacular results. Their purplish hues and lots of trichomes that cover large flowers make this variety an essential piece for lovers kush flavors.
From 2 to 4 weeks
20% Sativa / 80% Indica
55/60 días
Early October
Middle / High
Strong / Durable

Sensi Mr Nice G13 X Hash Plant Cannabis Seeds Info
The G13 is an outstanding pure Indica cutting reputedly discovered by the u.s. government research program in Mississippi.
Crossed with the Hash Plant® it produces one of the best indoor hybrids that, unfortunately, was last available in the late '80s.
Several years ago the Sensi Seed Bank was very proud to put this hybrid into production again and to bring it on the market labeled as 'Mr. Nice'.
This is in honour of Howard Marks, an Oxford graduate, who became one of the biggest Marihuana smugglers of our time. After spending 7 years in an American penitentiary, Howard released his autobiography Mr. Nice and now spends his time promoting the normalisation of Cannabis.
if you like a solid and resinous bud with a 'double Indica' hashish taste and aroma, it is time to go for the Mr. Nice G13 x Hash Plant.

World of Seeds Medical Collection Afghan Kush x Skunk Feminised Seeds Specs
Sex: Feminized
Way of cropping: Ind/Out
Genotipe: 100 %
High: 100
Growing time: 2 to 3 weeks
Harvest time: from 45 to 55
Resistance to mushrooms: High
Resistance to plague: High
Irrigation tolerancy: High
Yield: 400-450 GR/M2 INDOOR
Medicinal value: Very high
Smell: High
Flavour: Noble wood
Effects: Narcotic
THC Level: High


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Hi Outdoorfrank good to see another aussie here :) well i used to add chook poo but since i started using Cann terra pro potty mix i just feed them rain water with some organic nutes and now there turned to 12/12 i will add potash and flower organic nutes simple as can be you might see some fingers of leaves missing i do this so that light gets thru i never pull the full leaf off as i found it stunts the growth of the branch it was feeding ;)


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Ok 15 days into 12/12 there starting to stretch 1 st 1 is afghan kush x skunk

This is the G13 x hashplant

And this is the zombie kush im not happy with this 1 i hate feminized seeds allways a chance of hermies and this has a few gota keep eye on this bitch

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