12/12 From Seed - From 2 Weeks and a Couple Clones


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kk there's 22 plants in my tent right now i'll start with the ones that are going 12/12 from seed:

12 plants total:
SBHG x 1 local I don't know genetics
Whip Dip x 1 World of Seed's Strawberry Blue x White Label's White Widow
Hindulicious x 4 Sensi Seed's Hindu Kush x Nirvana's Bubbelicious
Kandy Kush x 1 Reserva Privada
Pineapple Express x 1 G13 Labs
Bullshark x 2 Bulldog Seeds
Super Silver Haze x 1 Mr. Nice
Sage n Sour x 1 TH Seeds

The ones that were vegged out 2 weeks:

Arjan's Strawberry Haze x 1 Greenhouse Seeds
Permafrost x 2 from friend, said to be white widow x northern lights
SBHG x 5

And the two clones:

on the left is Phatt Fruity, Barney's Farm from my last grow.
on the right is Kevorkian, Sativa Tim.

I've never done 12/12 from seed, thats all the reason i needed to try;)

using promix hp, general organics line with sugar daddy, 1000 watt hps.
my temps have been holding at about 78-80. light is 20 inches above tops of pots.

i'll update weekly starting on 6/1/11

Re: 12/12 from seed, from 2 weeks and a couple clones.

looking good
Re: 12/12 from seed, from 2 weeks and a couple clones

Love the light hood. You got a lot of the killer strains. Can't wait to see how 12/12 straight from seed performs under 1000w!
Re: 12/12 from seed, from 2 weeks and a couple clones

thanks for the kind words, woke up and went to water, sexed out one girl and one boy out of the two week veg plants both SBHG's, so there's 21 plants in there, i started a two more whip dip seeds, two mekong high's (dutch passion) and one tutankhamun (pyramid).
Re: 12/12 from seed, from 2 weeks and a couple clones

Hey sorry no pics yesterday, my camera is still dead... and it sucks cuz it's a cannon power shot g9 12.1.... not cheap.

I'm down to 5 of the 2 week veg plants, all the seedlings are starting there 3rd set of true leaves (the ones with ridges), the kevorkian clone is beautiful and the phatt fruity clone is nice too. i'll try my hardest to finds a camera for a pic update today.

i also started 10 more sbhg's and 5 lowryder #2's (the lowryders will go outside and be a seed crop)

my mom said she started some seeds she's been holding onto since 1972 and some of them are sprouting, so i'll prolly end up with a few of those too.
Re: 12/12 from seed, from 2 weeks and a couple clones

Can't wait to see the seeds your mom has, from 1972. Those probably at lower THC level, though it would be a great smoke, still enjoyable. If you keep a few males from your current batch, you can cross them and create new strain. I'm starting to allow males to grow (away from the girls) so I can start my breeding experiments.
Re: 12/12 from seed, from 2 weeks and a couple clones

really sorry about not having any picture updates, i sent my camera into cannon to be fixed, everything is doing great in the tent, all of the hindulicious ended up male, i started four more this morning along with 10 whip dips and about 8 or 9 white widows. so to sex those boys it was 15 days from seed, i've sexed out 4 females too. there all on there 5th or 6th set of true leaves (ones with ridges). i'll try to post pics asap.

i have 7 sprouts from my mom, that all seem pretty healthy. i'm hoping the low thc from marijuana from this time period was only due to poor fertilizers, bad packaging and the drying process, i'm pretty sure with todays specialized horticulture hid lighting and advanced fertilizers these sprouts have the potential to be beauties.
How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :blushsmile:

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I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

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