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3rd week of flowing Never seen this before


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3rd week of flowing. Strawberry cough, growing in tga super soil. Ph neutral 7.0. Fan leaves are bad with it spreading throughout the plant. Any info is appreciated. Aloha

Granny Evie

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I am a newbie, scrolling thru to find the same problem that I have. This is not it. Have you looked at he plant abuse guide? I,d show you where but do not know how. Lots of good pics and info. It's on this site somewhere!

profesor x

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it seems like it's too hot for your plant, she is trying to transpire a lot that's why her leaves are curling up, you want temps around 70-75 F.
your pH is not right either. you need to aim to 6.5 pH in soil.

your pH is too high for your plant to absorb some nutrients and she is experiencing a nutrient lock out and a nutrient deficiency.

the first thing to do is control your water pH and see if that stops the deficiency from spreading, most likely leaves will never recover but it should stop spreading.

more info would be helpful, for example what nutes are you feeding your plant, humidity and temps, light schedule, etc.

here is a nutrient availability chart:

here is a deficiency chart:

hope it helps brother
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