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420 Magazine Newsletter ~ April 15, 2007

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
420 Magazine News Letter</strong>
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<strong>April 15,2007​

California Cannabis News

Schwarzenegger Wants Marijuana Money</strong>
California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has his eyes on the marijuana of his citizens.
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<strong>Marijuana Dispensary In Carson Hopes To Avoid Ban</strong>
Operators of new store say they check prescriptions and moratorium put in place last week should not be a problem.
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<strong>Palm Desert Votes For Ban On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries</strong>
The Palm Desert Public Safety Commission voted unanimously Wednesday to recommend that the city adopt a permanent ban on the licensing of medical marijuana dispensaries.
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<strong>Morro Bay Marijuana Dispensary Reopens Doors</strong>
The Morro Bay pot dispensary raided by federal agents is back in business. The facility, which serves more than 2,000 patients, opened its doors quietly Saturday morning.
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<strong>The State of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries</strong>
Establishing the role of retail medical marijuana outlets in our lives may not be what the doctor ordered, but is definitely a important part of the healing process many Californians are making the choice to incorporate.
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<STRONG>Officials Seek To Ban Medical Marijuana Outlets</STRONG>
Months before a moratorium is due to expire, Pleasanton's police chief and city attorney are proposing an outright ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in town.<BR>
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<STRONG>Contra Costa County May Extend Medical Marijuana Moratorium</STRONG>
Contra Costa County supervisors will vote Tuesday on a proposed ordinance that would extend a moratorium on new medical marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated areas of the county for one year.
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<STRONG>Marijuana Operation Impresses Officials</STRONG>
The recent discovery of the region's most sophisticated underground marijuana-growing operation yet ? accessible by hidden elevator and a 65-foot-long concrete-encased tunnel ? makes San Diego County growers trendsetters, officials said yesterday.
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<STRONG>DHS Pot Dispensary To Remain Closed</STRONG>
A county judge ruled Thursday that a medical marijuana dispensary in Desert Hot Springs must remain closed.
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<STRONG>The Everything Clause</STRONG>
Forcing someone in chronic pain and dire health to choose between taking necessary medicine and criminality is appalling. But it is the result of the Supreme Court's 2005 ruling in Ashcroft v. Raich, which allowed federal charges against medical marijuana users in states where it was legal.
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Worldwide Cannabis News

A former Bournemouth fitness instructor has been acquitted of drug-smuggling charges after four and a half years in an Indian prison. Backpacker Daisy Angus, 26, was serving a ten-year sentence for smuggling 10kg of cannabis in a secret compartment in her suitcase.
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<strong>Feds Will Retry 'Guru Of Ganja'</strong>
Federal prosecutors brushed off a judge's suggestion that they not retry a prominent marijuana advocate on cultivation charges and said Friday they would press ahead, even though he cannot be sent to prison if he is convicted.
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<strong>Kirsten Dunst Admits She Smokes Marijuana</strong>
Kirsten Dunst believes the world would be a "better place" if more people smoked marijuana.
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<strong>Cannabis Gives Stoke Patients Hope</strong>
New research by University of Otago scientists suggests some mechanisms in the brain targeted by cannabis could become drugs targets to counter brain cell damage after a stroke.
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<strong>Brain's 'Cannabis Cousin' Calms Us</strong>
Now that we've grown accustomed to the fact that our brains make our own narcotics, commonly called endorphins, we can't be too shocked to learn that our brains also make our own marijuana.
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<strong>Oregon's Messy Medical Marijuana Statehouse Politics</strong>
With some 14,000 patients register\ed with the state under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (OMMA), Oregon's is one of the most successful programs in the country. But patients are the objects of a frenzy of activity in the legislature this year.
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<strong>Damage Done - Why The War On Drugs Isn't Working</strong>
In all the documentaries about the stupidities of the war against drugs, the smartest documentary yet may well be Damage Done: The Drug War Odyssey.
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<strong>Committee Votes To Make Medical Marijuana Law Permanent</strong>
The House Health, Education and Welfare Committee passed legislation today to prevent Rhode Island's medical marijuana law from expiring on June 30. The bill, H 6005, passed the committee by a vote of 10-3.
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<B>Hemp Plant Up For Approval</B>
Plans to establish the UK's largest hemp processing plant in Norfolk are tipped for approval.
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<B>House Passes Medical Marijuana Measure</B>
Seattle - The state House late Wednesday passed a measure clarifying the state's medical marijuana law and addressing supply issues, but medical marijuana advocates and patients opposed to the measure argue it does nothing to help them.<BR>
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<B>UPDATE: Getting Back To Juneau</B>
Bad cases, they say, make bad law. You will not find many cases at the Supreme Court as bad in every way as the pending case of Morse v. Frederick.
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<B>Medical Marijuana Makes Living With Aids Bearable</B>
Living with AIDS is a daily struggle. For nearly a year, Rhode Island has allowed me and others living with this disease to have legal access to something that helps: Medical marijuana.
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