Accidental reveg: toss or try to save it?


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Save it

I’m thinking your chick is outdoors perhaps? It’s a slow deal, so wouldn't waste prime tent space but if you can keep her lit up she will reward you with a bushy monster crop of a beast. It will stall out for sure 3 maybe 4 weeks of nothing, finally single blades will pop up top, soon it will push 3 bladed fans, then 5 bladed fans and after that resume growing normal.

Be patient, don’t overwater, corner of a tent is fine or even a single cfl at 18/6 should be enough to reveg. I could be wrong here but IMHO it’s not like 400 watts will convince her to hurry up, it’s just a matter of passing time and her getting sufficient light hours to swap hormones back to veg.
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If you are wanting it to revert or reveg outdoors, I have had luck with solar powered garden lights. They keep enough light in the evening to reveg a plant. Sorry if I misunderstood your concern.

If you DON'T want it to reveg AND your outdoors, you need to introduce a form of light deprivation.


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I think it has already reveged - I'm just hoping it straightens out and goes back to normal. I had this happen last year as well. I think if the seeds get started too early it messes with their mind. I didn't worry about the weird ones last year but I'm gonna let this one go and see what happens.


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Yes they will go back to growing normal on their own but I’m confident you recognize it’s a one way deal, the plant is either in veg mode or flower cycle and once it starts to reveg it switches hormones so it’s not like those old buds will ever grow again.... at least that’s my understanding and experience but I’m always happy to be corrected if anyone knows different
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