Amnesia Lemon & Utopia Haze, 250w MH/HPS, Indor #2


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What strain is it? Its a mix of 2x Amnesia Lemon & 1x Utopia Haze
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? I think they both were sativa dominant, but anyways a bit of skunk aswell :winkyface: and I love getting stoned... :roorrip:
Amnesia Lemon
Utopia Haze
It is Flowering for ~1,8 weeks (but before this I was running the timer shifts down for some time, and they were a while like in 14/10-since 11.04 or 13/11-since 20.04 & HPSonline with 12/12 - since 27.04) & cos there was a "timer situation" 4 a couple of times in the beggining....,[long story short] I have 1 Amnesia Lemon LST down, and she started flowering a lot earlier than the other 1, but still, the stress, the f*kin stress....
the other 2 look great, Utopia Haze joined just on 25.03 (thats why the timer sh*t)
The first round got soaked in 22/02/2010 (good times-2days after 1st indoor cure) so imagine the time they were in veg....
btw, 1 Uth died from the same f*kin stress, and there was nothing i could do... :thedoubletake:

I Grow them in 11,5L pots with a soil mix of perlite / vermiculite & keramzyte? (dunno if thats the right spellin) and the soil is like, just 40% of the pot.....(I has got a f*kin good mix in theres) :ganjamon:

dual MH/HPS ballast 250w (as the grow space is just 60x60x140cm) and the grow tent is air cooled with 2 S&P Silentubes (160 & 100 mh/3) + recently got a 23cm wide fan to blow on the lamp & mix the air
(imagine puting all that in f*king 60x60 cm :idea::biglaugh:)
The temperature stays 26-28 and during night with open windows ~17-22
During veg I had like 3 water trays inside, since flowering they r gone (dont have a meter for that shyte)

PH is controled 2 b 5,8-6,5(I use vinegar), but since flowering I dont pay attention to that so much, cuz im using Bio Canna
u will ask y ? just read the small print under the chart :reading420magazine:

I use the chart as a good guide! (but still managed 2 overfeed second Amnesia girl, damn shame - already flushed her a few days back with twice asmuch water -20l)
watering every 2nd / 3rd day (~1L per pot on ~10L soilmix))
+ yesterday I put 1 seed of LA Woman to soak (will c what will turn out of that - maybe a small outdoor)

and the pests will come with warmer climate & have seen some little flys but not yet & theyr nothing to b worried about (my timezome: 9AM / +2,5C this night!!!!!!) - its a goddamn winter outside not may....

If u went through all this - u must b nuts.... coz it took me nearly 2h to start this thread :D

have 2 blow that bong again and go 4 the pics





the top tie - to pot I made 20 min ago...
shes the tallest , almost 70cm
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