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Anyone having trouble with blank pages?


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when i click on a link, it sometimes takes me to a blank page..

if i hit refresh, the page then loads fine...
if i go back and then click the link again, the page agaiun, loads fine...

i think it is some type of cache or cookie issue with the upgrades we just performed...

anyone else having this problem?

if so, please give links to what you are doing so our programmers can figure it out fast...

thanks guys!


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User, I just went to the "User CP" from a bookmark in Firefox, and it was blank. I hit refresh, like you, and then it loaded fine...

*edit, it happened to me again...

I was at the New Posts page, and clicked on the link below....came up blank, but then a refresh fixed it.
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I've been having trouble in my Firefox loading 420magazine.com, if I type in 420times.com its fine.

Jim Finnel

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i've gotten several of them. refreshing didn't work for me. only when i went from the moderation page would it work.

i also use firefox, but no prob with getting here.
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I had a couple blank pages. but I'd just click back, then click the link again and it worked fine.

It did it once with 420 related pictures and once with the "lounge" link from the home page.

I don't use firefox, if that means anything.


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anyone else?


Hey 420, everything seems business as usual today. A few blank pages won't keep me away!! lol

Jim Finnel

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all good.

i like the way the new site functions. gotta get used to it but then it is waaaay better. good work.
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