Are they ready to harvest? First time grower


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Are plants are Sunset sherbert we are almost to the 8th week of flowering. flower period 7 to 9 weeks. Most all of the pistils are orange, the trichomes are milky with a few Amber.
Damn I don't see how to add our pictures to the thread?
This is mine week 7


Yours looks better!!!!!

I'm not 100% to answer your question but here's a reference I guess

I would say yes but I don't know!!!!!
Pull it when you see the first few amber trichomes and few to no clear, most should be cloudy, that'll give you solid THC potency without much of it converting to CBN.
So cbm is suppose to be for medical stuff right?.. I'm gtowing gor recreational reasonons. But I have a buddy who is 19 and has the back of a 50 yr old ik it sucks.. but if I flowered my plants longer would it create bud which has more cbn than thc?
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