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Hey 420, received this bad boy in the mail about 3 weeks ago and just recently got some seeds so yeah...I adjusted my pH to 5.7, soaked seeds in water overnight at 80F. woke up to soak rockwool in pH water for 4 hours...planted seeds in rockwool, placed under 125W CFL in the veg chamber under clone dome, humidity is 80% but for some stupid reason...not a single one sprouted...think I screwed that one up cause there was no taproot visible before planting it was only cracked
...btw I've never used this site and can't find anywhere how to upload pictures...
Go to the top navigation bar and click on gallery, you'll find all of the links there. Uploading is super-easy.

How many days have the seeds been in the rockwool? How wet are they?

Personally, I'm not a fan of the rockwool cubes for seeds. I use Root Riot plugs and have 100% success with them. Just my 2 cents.

Welcome to 420. Make sure to read the threads on how to post etc... You can find a lot of that info in my "lessons learned" thread in my sig.

Well shuffle I would soak your seeds for 24 hrs then transplant to a wet papertowel sandwich for the next 4 days and they will germ for you! Then put them into your rockwool or root riot plugs! I have a 100% success rate myself!
Oh shuffle you need to germ in the dark! No light till you get that tap root 1/2in and planted into you medium! Then light starts!
cannavice I was just going to update...3 days ago I received new seeds...soaked them in 5.6 ph distilled water overnight...then moved to moist paper towel...never seen taproots that size before! one got to an inch! then I put them under the cfl and they're all like 2-3" still in the clone dome I have pics coming up after I read how to do it lol
long skinny individual taproots cant be good like that?? shouldnt theyre be like 15 little roots poking out? won't this root dry out??
Your seedlings look fine. You might want to put them into some coco or soil at this time. They will get the rest of the roots soon, be patient.

Really interested in that Bloombox. I've looked at a few online, they're a bit spendy, so I will will following your grow to see if it is worth a second look. I like the concept, just don't know if I like the price tag.

it's absolutely not worth the price, I'm just super lazy and had some extra money to spend lol it's good to start with but I'm sure I'll build one soon enough...I plan to transplant the 1" rockwool(current) to the 3"rockwool next and place in the veg chamber, I will water by hand until a established system can reach the resevoir...so should I transplant those two long rooted ones already or wait still a couple of days??
stevehman I'm also seeing a lot of those trinity cabinets and they apparently can yield up to 3 times a bloombox and cost half the price...lol
I transplant mine as soon as the root break through, although I use a coco mix for them and I only do it for the moms. Clones go into my NFT system. Make sure they have a gentle breeze blowing on them as well, that strengthens the stems (not too strong a breeze though, just enough to create some movement).
I guess I will plan to transplant them tomorrow morning, they just still look a little delicate? but I will use 1ml of sensi grow a+b and voodoo juice per gal of r.o water





So the tall one with the yellow catyldn leaves I think needs to be transplanted soon cause roots are popping out from all angles and are being exposed to light what do you guys think? also like I said b4 haven't used nutes yet but when I presoak 3"rockwool ill use 1ml of sensi ab and voodoo per gal
I concur! You should move them to soil now as to not disturb the more complex root structure the seedlings will soon be working on. Best to leave that whole process to go on undisturbed. That tap root will start shooting down deep, and you want it to be doing that in soil.
goldengoose that definitely sounds like a good idea, I would have started in soil first if I could have, but I have none of the supplies. I've also witnessed a couple of journals of bcnl users and they have had the same problem but once they transplant to the veg chamber they seem to do just fine so I think I shall transplant the 4" seedling tomorrow first thing
Cool! :)

If the seedlings are not too far along, (like a bean sprout) you can sometimes split open the cube and remove the seedling and place it into a tiny hole in the potting soil. You can only do this BEFORE the roots start to branch into more than what looks like a Bean Sprout you use for Stir Frys. ;)

Otherwise, just PLANT the Cube in the soil and let nature take its course. :thumb:
I meant to say 4" rockwool tomorrow morning** I know it's 100% not the best choice I just have no other option right about now. I just wanted to get the hang of this box for the first grow but I will forsure start a mother in coco soon enough.
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