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Border Patrol Agent Gets Caught Stealing Marijuana

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A Border Patrol agent who was supposed to guard a load of marijuana during a drug bust, instead steals the drugs for himself. Agents take an oath to protect us along with all servicemen and women. But when a person in uniform betrays what they promised to uphold, other officers say it hurts all of them.

The lure of marijuana puts a Border Patrol agent on the other side of the law. December 6, 2005: DPS Canine Officer Keith Duckett made a drug stop on Highway 83, near Sonoita. Duckett discovered hundreds of pounds of marijuana hidden in the truck's bed. The two men in the truck ran into the desert. Authorities say that's when former Border Patrol Agent Michael Carlos Gonzales pulled up with his partner.

"I'm sure he didn't realize the vehicle had the camera in there or he wasn't thinking about it," says DPS Sergeant Ray Kennedy.

Just days later, Kennedy saw something he wasn't expecting. He routinely reviews dash cam video taken during stops and while watching the recent drug bust he couldn't believe his eyes. The video revealed Gonzales stashing about 25 pounds of the marijuana into his Border Patrol vehicle while the other officers were chasing the suspects.

"He only had one thing on his mind and that was to steal the marijuana," he explains.

Kennedy says Gonzales told his partner he heard gunshots to get rid of him while he took the bale of marijuana and rearranged the pile. He did it all in just minutes.

"He does it really quickly and as he's doing it, he's checking around, looking to make sure no one's watching him," explains Kennedy.

Authorities say Gonzales called in sick the next day. Cell phone records reveal he took the marijuana, worth about $20,000, to San Diego.

"The next day he took it possibly to California and sold it," says Kennedy.

Further investigation revealed that in the nine years Gonzales worked for Border Patrol, he never once made a marijuana seizure. And he was 15 miles away from his designated post for the day during the bust where he was caught.

"I do know that he resigned shortly after those allegations were brought up," says Border Patrol Supervisor Chuy Rodriguez.

He says Gonzales does not represent what Border Patrol is all about.

"Basically any agent that has allegations brought against him and if these allegations are founded it tarnishes the reputation of Border Patrol," adds Rodriguez.

Earlier this week a federal jury convicted Gonzales on counts of drug possession and on a weapons charge because he was wearing his gun during the incident. He'll be sentenced in June.

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