BPD Treatment


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Hey all, Pakman here.

I'm not to sure if this forums is active, so I won't go into detail just yet.

What I am wondering is if there is anyone here who has/does use or knows of someone that uses cannabis in some form to treat borderline personality disorder?

I do, to an extent although it's more of a quick fix, take for 'everything' kind of deal. I've definitely found different strains have vastly different effects. What we've got at the moment is good, relaxing and gives you a nice buzz. The last stuff, geeze you near get paranoia just from thinking about having some!

Anyways, hopefully someone here has some experience or insight into the matter.

Thanks all.
Impulsive behavior is one of the most common signs of BPD. This includes the use of psychotropic drugs like marijuana. People with BPD may use cannabis and other substances to relieve boredom or emptiness, as well as to self-medicate depression and/or anxiety.
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