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Brown Roots?


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Re: Brown Roots ?

Can you elaborate a little. Roots get stained by nutes. Especially when using boosters. Is this soil or hydro. Where is the roots brown. Did you smell them, you don't want root rot.


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Re: Brown Roots ?

its hydro and it smells like flowers or something... like a green smell.. ?hard to explain. i dont think its root rot. how do i get them to turn white again. and the plants leaves are not errect anymore. They are flimsy and weak and turning kinda a dark color :s

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Re: Brown Roots ?

Dark green leaves is the beginning signs to overfert sometimes. They normally look robust the first week then the burnings start to happen around the middle of the pot plant. It gets ugly real fast sometimes.
Limp is not good, what hydro method. DWC?
I say flush with 24hr aged water. Leave nutes out for a while, Also check your ph and watertemp. Water should be always under 80 degrees.

Roots should be a yellowish white to a tanish color. Using plain water for a while should lighten the color.
BTW Root Rot is very easy to get using DWC and DWC stands for Deep water culture also referred to as bubblers.


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Re: Brown Roots ?

Tug on a few of the brown roots. If some come off in your hand easily and are mushy...you have pythium better known as root rot. Do a search on pythium. I brought a thread over that explains it pretty well. The limpness makes me believe root rot due warm reservoir temps with low dissolved oxygen ratio. It's extremely important to keep reservoir temps below 70 degrees fahrenheit. I truly hope I am wrong because pythiunm is hard to bounce back from and has to be eradicated before more plants can be introduced to the room.
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Use peroxide or hygrozyme to keep your Res clean and keeping good healthy roots. Like Race said keeping your temps below 70 is ideal. U can use small bags of ice or frozen bottles of water to drop the temps.


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some nutes stain roots but easy to tell diff. if the feel slimy or plants look limp its usually rot. pics would help. take 10 or 20 litres of water in a bucket and add h2o2 then wash roots in bucket. then add 5ml per 10litres of h2o2 to res with just base nutrient and no enzymes. repeat this every 5 days untill roots start to look white again. hydro must be kept sterile, that means pots, pipes, airstones, tools, meters, hands and anything else that comes in contact with res. ideal temps are 63-67f but u can hit 70f if u use right enzymes. check out my journal and feel free to ask questions.
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