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Bud buddy vs Supercloset


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I think im done with tents , and DIY super stoner builds, just have no time , so looking into a turn key kinda system , I must say that bud buddy looks kinda sweet , now I don't care that I can build one cheaper , better of any other way , so I guess with hat said has anyone used the supercloset ? buddy buddy or any grow cab from HG , if so thoughts, yield, saving space ? turn key or just complex crap , and how's it hold up ,
serious discussion here please , :lot-o-toke:


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Most people say they are complex pieces of crap that are over priced. I agree but the only other option is to build a grow room/closet. Or build a box/cabinet which your not wanting now.

I'm building a box as we speak but doing it right. Research all the mistakes people made so that you learn from there's and not yours.


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For the price of either of those "turn key systems" you could get a grow tent, with much better options of lights, nutrient delivery and growing mediums. I personally don't see a point of dumping $3K on a premade grow box, when literally it has about $600 worth of actual parts in it.

for $500 you could go to a home depot and buy a large plastic storage shed measuring larger than the bud buddy, for another $600 you could hook it up with some killer LED lights, and then for about $200-400 you could get a pre-made hydro system. So far about 1/2 the price you can get things pretty much the same but better as either of those options, and get the best of the best instead of some pre assembled and chosen sub par parts.

I know you originally mentioned that you would rather just get a "turn key" system, but really there is no difference in buying it premade for double the price, or doing your own build for 1/2 the cost with much better components. For me personally I would rather piece my grows together with exactly what I want as a grower, and also save $1500 in the process.


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Do NOT use HG. You'll spend a lot of time on the net trying to find information about them... and you'll think they must be an OK company if there is nothing written.

We both the LED starter tent kit. Was supposed to be set up to grow in soil. NO information, NO directions, NOTHING. Everything was shipped in boxes and when asked about how to set it up, was told "Go online and find it." The nutes they sent.. no one has them. The website says if you grow in soil, that medium is sent to you.. its not. And when you ask them, they laughed about it and said "Cant afford to send it because of weight."

I could have bought every last thing online or at my local grow shop for much less than they sold it for, and worse, what they sent was half hydro, half soil. Stupid.. the most stupid purchase I have ever made. I tossed the tent, I am growing in the room, the filter is too small, they sent a single ratchet lift. Horrible.. you wont be "working for them for life" .... just until they get your cash.
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