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Buds dried overnight


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So i trimmed some buds yesterday and this morning they were crispy. What should i do to cure these right?



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It all depends on the RH of where you put them.
If you hanged them from the ceiling in a room you use then you're not drying them properly and may become harsh when smoking.

I live in South America and in winter the humidity is so high that it takes over a week for the buds to be dry enough to put in jars and even then I have to pop them every day for sometimes an hour over two weeks before they're even ready to smoke. Sometime I just spread them on a table and let them sit for a couple of hours so they dry faster, otherwise it'd take forever.

Now we're starting spring and summer is coming soon, temperature rise to the upper 30s during the day and humidity drops to maybe 10% or less (not sure about this last figure,though) and sometime the buds dry within 48-72 hours because it is so hot and dry, even though I'm doing it properly.

What I do when they dry too quickly, is to put a small piece of orange peel (a little bigger than a finger nail) in each jar (filled no more than 50% of loose buds) and within 48 they have recovered a lot of moisture, after that I remove the peel and continue curing. This has worked extremely well for me and the buds don't acquire any of the smell or taste of the orange (that I've noticed). And even if they did it wouldn't be a bad thing because I like my buds sweet and citric.

Give that a try and in the future try and cure them properly, use a closet instead of a room you may use, they're supposed to dry in the dark and move the air around and get fresh air into the room. Also don't hang them so close to the ceiling, heat rises and that's why they dried too fast.
If you must use a room you use in your house, then hang them inside cardboard boxes with strings across the top, cut a hole in the side and cover the top of the box with some newspaper and place a fan nearby but don't allow for a direct air stream or else they again will dry too quickly. Also avoid getting light to them.

I hope that helps.

Good luck and happy growing!! :Namaste:


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Well the reason i hang them up is cause i washed them and put them up there to drip dry i didn't think they would of dried out so quick. i guess ill try the jar and add some moisture to them. I've done it before but i either used the leaves from the plants or some lettuce. but i guess anything will work that has moisture in it. so i guess I'm off to the store to buy more canning jars. i have way to many of these now i think i can stop growing for a year or two if i wanted to.


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Washed them? as in soaked them in water? why would you do such a thing... they are probably ruined now.
Anyway, they can still drip dry in the dark, in a box, or in a secluded room, they don't need to be high up in the ceiling.

Please elaborate on the washing, what were you trying to do?


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That's OK - just put into mason jars (happen to one I know onyl this person let the heat vent open overnight next day- very crispy) Once in jars in three days all will be fine:420:

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dry them in the dark mate , and if they were crispy after 1 night your room is to warm and drying to quick, results in less dry weight and harsh smoke


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Bud washing is perfectly normal, and accepted.

Yeah I was wondering why the one dude was like 'oh noes'

But any who,
After bud washing its best to leave them drip drying over the buckets.
Once they've finished drip drying moving them to a cool, dark, ventilated room is your priority. These conditions will allow the entire bud to dry at nearly the same rate, so you don't get crunchy on the outside - moldy on the inside.
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