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burnt bud help

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Re: burnt bud help :((((

My mom left the frost protection bags on the plants for an afternoon, so amature :/ think I'll be able to salvage some of these?
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So there isn't mold or black or mush or anything that would indicate rot to me. Its just dried out. How would I tell though?


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Here's a thread with pictures for you: http://www.420magazine.com/forums/frequently-asked-questions/176173-bud-rot-see-pictures.html

Smell would be another giveaway, just be careful so you don't disturb it if you try the smell test.

There are some similarities between your pictures and the ones in that thread, unfortunately I haven't had any hands on experience with bud rot, so I don't know if the affected buds would be crispy or soft.

Just take all precautions until we figure out what it is. Cannabis is an amazing plant, but our health should always come first brother!
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OK so is there a difference betweenrott and drying out? Or being burnt? I understand what rot is, buy this weed does not fit into what I'd consider rot to be. Is it more of a generalized term for fucked up buds? What I see here and when I looked closer at them was simply dead bud due to extreme heat that literally killed that part. I see no mold or anything that would indicate a harm to my health. Still rot?
I had a plant 2 grows ago that got pretty tall in the cab I was flowering her in and she was about 5 inches from one of my air cooled 600 hoods. The first picture you posted looks EXACTLY like my top did that was burnt from my light. The difference is yours are outside, but the sun can get hot enough to dry out and burn buds. Lots of growers in southern Cali use mesh screens to dim daylight at peak hours. The point is I can assure you that is what I am seeing, it looks identical to my main cola. Feels hard and really crispy, lost colour in the buds and faded to a light brownish tan colour although some spots of the cola still had some green.