Child with epilepsy - Info and help needed and appreciated!!

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Hello fellow growers, carers, patients, viewers and everyone else.
I hope everyone is well the days are treating them good :)

I'm not sure where to start with all this right now but I'm going to give it a go.
I have been a cannabis user for a long time but recently got off it just for a clear mind. I have also grown for about 4-5 years now also.
I have recently have had discussions with my step brother who has informed me she would really appreciate and really wants to begin some kind of cannabis oil treatment for my step brother who has a form of epilepsy, who keep in mind is very young. We've spoken about this for sometimeand she would really like him off the prescription crap they give children that only have little effect and more possible bad effects in the long-term.
but only recently I've gotten the equipment to grow good amounts to produce good quality and amounts of marijuana for the oil.
I have come to the great community here since I am in need of a little help. I have done so much research on this and read through many recipes. However I would like to know if anyone can help me with links directly to oil for children.
I'm from a country where everything on this topic is strict as it gets but worse is there is no "charlottesville web" or the other few cbd only or I should say cbd dominant plants.
There has been a man who has made what you'd call a cold oil I guess, he using high thc plants but doesn't decarboxilate it, he makes the tincture as a THC-A oil which has seen good effects and no psychoactive effects, which is paramount for kids with epilepsy. I have a few plants currently I could use for an oil like that once harvested but I'd like and appreciate extra info on this type of oil and recipe.

Also I will be ordering some cbd strains seeds for oil for the next grow since CBD is also non-psychoactive but proven effective with epilepsy.
My question with the CBD strains and CBD oil are this,
If made as a cold type of oil will the CBD stay as CBDA as the thc does?
Secondly if I have to ill make a warm oil, however considering its for a child I do not wantTHC or I should say any psychoactive effects. So can you seperate cbd from the thca?
Can anyone help with links with recipes for cbd oils for children?

I have seen a few recipes here however they say its a thc oil but its not psychoactive, I'm confused since if its a thc oil it would have to be psychoactive wouldn't it?

Anyways I will be and am truely grateful for any input, advice and shared information.
This is an issue close to my heart and am very passionate about.
So thank you all who can help out in any way :)
Re: Child with epilepsy. Info and help needed and appreciated!!

Sir Bud, I suggest you try hemp. It is probably legal in your country and some strains have good CBD content and others not so much. I actually ordered 40 grams of hemp bud through Amazon for cheap. I was excited but it didn't work for my seizures. No THC and almost no other cannanbinoids. On the other hand, I grow a variety called Finola (high latitude seed variety from Finland) which stops seizures very effectively. All hemp is not the same. The EU does not control for cannabinoids except for THC so you don't know until you try it.

Stoners tend to look down on hemp because of no THC. I don't. Hemp works for me.
Re: Child with epilepsy. Info and help needed and appreciated!!

Thanks old chuck that sounds good.
I have thought about it quiet a few times reading it can contain quiet abit of CBD. Unfortunately I think they're very strict on even the hemp here, only allowed for skin products apparently.
I did abit more research and found a few strains that looked interesting high and equal amounts cbd:thc, few were royal medic, a few cbd crew strains a few in the TGA subcool seedbank aswell.
I read abit about alot of people having some good success with THCA tinctures, so is imagine a THCA and CBDA mixed tincture should work well, I found a few methods to make it aswell whiched helped heaps. Could be something you could even look into if you havnt mate?
That seems to be the silly thing about a lot of testing that happens in more strict countries they just keep looking at just THC.

Don't worry I love my hemp, I buy bags of hemp seeds to eat or make into nutri-blasts, got help healing balm, skin moisturizers for Mrs, soap, shampoos and conditioners and even picked my self up a Hemp shirt the other day for my Birthday all great products which really dissapoints me its so under utilized these days.

I know what you mean though about stoners not thinking much of it a lot of the typical ones only care about it when they can tie it in with an argument or debate about legalizing mj.
Re: Child with epilepsy. Info and help needed and appreciated!!

A little information if I may. I have know a lot of people treating epilepsy with a high CBD strain only and their primary method of taking the concentrate is using a eyedropper (sublingual) and applying a drop or two under the tongue. While this has proven to reduce the amount of seizures which is great it has not been as effective as a 2-1 ratio of high THC/CBD. Taken correctly there is absolutely no euphoria and the results where much more satisfying. At the start their seizures reduce like the 'sublingual' method but keep improving to a very rare seizure to none. I want to point out also that Charlottes Web was brought to the forefront because it was used primary for treating children in the safest way possible. While the CBD is great for inflammation/pain its the THC that repairs glands/receptors. Many just don't know how to apply the concentrate the proper way with no euphoria even if the potency of the THC is off the charts. This method of taking the oil not only helps/cure epilepsy but just about everything from A=Z including severe ailments, cancer to chronic pain. You will find articles in 'how to make the concentrate' and how to use RSO correctly
A short addendum, Sir Bud: if you are buying whole hemp seed locally it might be possible a few might have survived sterilization. Wouldn't hurt to try some test germination. Also, not all hemp is the same. I bought a couple of ozs of very nice looking hemp bud (through Amazon from Slovenia) that does not work for seizures at all. Finola, on the other hand works very well. I bought 10,000 or so seeds for $20 ordered from Finland.

I have not fooled with any of the (high priced) new supposed high CBD strains because I understand that you only have a one in four chance of actually getting a high CBD individual growing from seed. And you won't know which one until you test them. They say running clones is the best way to get the right plant. I have no access to clones and am not yet able to do testing.

Regarding method of medication: I had an interesting discussion with my neurologist about this. I have been running with the Finola extract treatment for about a year now with no supplemental anti-epileptic meds. For the first nine months I used only an ethanol tincture spray under my tongue incidentally every time I felt a seizure about to strike. I usually have just enough time to grab the spray and make it work. But my seizure activity in that time actually increased. I had to use it more and more often. A couple of months ago I had talk with my neurologist about methods and she said she thought the increased activity was due to "kindling" kind of like kindling for a fire. What I needed was a constant level of protection in my system, she said, similar to what you get with conventional oral medications. So I started making a fully concentrated Finola oil, diluting it back with a little coconut oil and injecting it into capsules. This seems to work. I take one of the caps (maybe 200 mg of Finola gunk, whatever the hell is in it) a day and keep the ethanol spray for when I need it. Seizure activity is down significantly. Using the spray a lot less now and probably have a more consistent CBD level going at all times.

Contrary to what you read everywhere, I think CBD Is "psychoactive" depending on how you define that word. It is not like getting stoned on weed but there is a head effect for me. It is like a deep relaxing breath of spring air. Doesn't last long but a highly beneficial feeling.

I don't know about THCA and seizures. I always decarb all my stuff. Try it and see. I'd be interested in your results.

@Motoco, I am looking forward to experimenting with THC/CBD ratios. GW Pharm is the leader on this I think. I'm not going to fool with it though until I can do lots of reasonably accurate testing so I am not shooting in the dark.

Turned out to be a longer addendum than I thought.
Hi oldchuck,
I used to think that about CBDs also (being psychoactive) when first experimenting with them. It is not. There is border line confusion between 'yay' or 'nay' concerning psychoactive in CBD. It works so well (a potent CBD strain grown correctly) it removes inflammation, relaxes muscles/brain as well as pain. If you focus and have any experience with euphoria it is easy to see the difference. CBD alone if potent gives the feeling of slight euphoria until you think about it and your clear headed with the body/brain relaxed. Test # 2; I've used CBD strains grown full term and sometimes past to degrade as much of the THC as possible. I then digested a small amount of potent concentrated oil and became extremely euphoric. Then took the high CBD strain 'tacked' to the gums and came down 15 minutes later ( a test performed for people in late stage illness who if took the concentrate wrong could be a very bad thing with heavy pain killers, blood pressure meds). Just to clarify I did not do it to get euphoric.

A worthy mention oldchuck; when learning how the concentrated oil worked I stayed off the net so I wouldn't be influenced by all the BS posted/edited, etc. Best thing I ever did (the wife and I). No 'you should do this, you should try this, or what about the new 'paste' going around, or what about the 'canna oil'? It goes on and on. So the wife and I learned 'on the job' training if you will and not just our results but 8-10 others with all different ailments. Point is you are on the right track. Prove it to yourself what does work and what doesn't. Experiment with just a high CBD strain. Then start blending in a high THC strain. The wife and I treat epilepsy patients and it is not just high CBDs. Yes, it reduces inflammation in the brain relieving pressure and seizures do reduce. A 2-1 ratio (2 ounces of high thc blended with one ounce of high grade CBD, as an example) not only reduces seizures but less and less more frequent to non-existing. I cannot answer what happens if they stop taking one grain of rice a day because no one wants to stop because most have other ailments they are working on or just don't want to take the chance.

Just a confirmation I like your thinking, prove it to yourself. Nice post!
Thanks M. To fill in a little, I first started having seizures in the late 90s when I was around 50. I'm 69 now. A seizure for me actually felt similar in some ways to getting stoned. I'm an old hippie. Been getting stoned since the 60s. Because of that similarity in head space I was worried that there was a cause and effect sort of thing going and that weed could actually be triggering the seizures. I thought "medical marijuana" was some kind of joke or dodge. So I stopped smoking for maybe ten years. Didn't help. Neither did all the various seizure meds and of course there were side effects. Eventually I discovered weed on the internet and the medical evidence starting to pile up. Only in the last couple of years have I been studying and experimenting seriously. And it is working.

I like to get high but I usually stop short of euphoria which still has a lot in common with a seizure. I have done a little mixing and matching with my limited selection of varieties but just how much of what in in this or that variety is pure speculation at this point. If the MyDx works then I will be able to be more precise.
O.K. then, 'old hippies' is what we have in common, lol. Yes, that 'piece of tree bark' had a lot of meaning, didn't it? lol. I'm 65 so I guess I'm the jr. :)

Since I've been using the concentrated oil I've cut back on smoking it even amazes me. Like you, I've always enjoyed my herb. No its one, maybe 2 tokes before bed. If during the day it messes with my wellness feeling. Never thought I'd be saying that, but the daytime oil blend gives you the healthiest feeling you will have in a long, long time. If you would like, and take a leap of faith in me, I can help you expedite you from point A to point B. Not only for your epilepsy but at our age pain, gland repair, organ repair, the whole nine yards.

Regardless, keep the attitude of proving things to yourself. Exactly how the wife and I learned so quickly. The web when it comes to the concentrated oil is a nightmare.

Best regards
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