Chrisx510’s Happy Father’s Day Grow: Sweet Zombie & Extras

So I’ve got a pretty sad update... I’ve got spider mites up the ass on my holy punch, was thinking it was the beginning of a deficiency at first. Only seen the white dots on one leaf, next morning BAM! Everywhere, luckily it’s pretty early in flower so I sprayed them with Spinosad two days ago, and with a soap today. Going to hit them with both on the same day in 2 or 3 days. After today’s spray I seen A LOT of dead spider mites everywhere, my first time running into them so now I’ll know what to look out for. Hopefully the next treatment will take care of all of them. Anyone know if four days of treatment enough to get rid of the eggs that were there on the first application? I’m getting mixed suggestions on google, I don’t want to keep spraying to far into flower. On a brighter note did a little defoliation on both the holy punch and sweet zombie.



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Nice LST/HST you’ve got on your purple lemonade, I got around to doing that a bit late and her side branches and everything were already a bit stiff, didn’t turn out to well. Definitely going to jump onboard for yours!
Thnks brother I’m def giving them all I have from the start 450 wats from the start def gets me goin the right directions
If you don’t mind me asking, what part of Cali you from? I’m from the East Bay Area myself, moved closer to the North Bay a few months ago
Man I had to put that there years ago wen I joined cuz I was worried since I’m in a non legal state but boy if I was in Cali I’ll have massive outside gardens lol but I’m in the sunshine state we’re evreyone comes to retire is y it’s not legal
Definitely brother I feel it, by the time those currently in their 30’s retire out there it’ll probably become legalized.


I trimmed the new silver haze, second time growing this auto flowers and omg the buds on this girl man. Thiccer than a snicker the kids would say. This strain always comes out right. She’s in 48 hours of darkness till she gets chopped now



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Finally cut down the silver haze had her in 48 hours of darkness. I heard a few people saying that works to boost trichomes, anyone know if that’s true or is it just a wise tail? And also because it’s trying to trick them into thinking they just crashed in the middle of winter... if this even works for auto’s or not? But time for some of that bud porn, went through and got some pretty nice shots I think I’m going to try and enter into photo of the month and nug/plant of the month, should I give it a shot?

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